‘Transformers Fall of Cybertron’ Demo Raises The Bar

Real Talk By : Vex

Transformers Fall of Cybertron much like it’s predecessor was expected  to make a great impression. Does it you may ask? Not only does it once again impress but raises the bar. The demo is thick like a baby pig, it comes packed with phat, not fat. I feel as if other developers should take a page from high noon in regards to how to structure a demo. The demo is split into three great parts, Two campaigns and a multi-player sampler with two game modes.

The first mission labeled exodus serves as a tutorial to help you get acclimated. It features Bumblebee  as he travels across a ship called the Ark. Player who played the last game may notice some additions to the controls which make the game feel more immersing than the last. The visuals got an upgrade as well, making the landscapes and it’s robot residents look like Xzibit visited between games and pimped everybody’s ride.


The second mission is Death from Above, players take control of the Decepticon Vortex. The battle is now taken to the sky so players can get a small dose of the game’s versatility. Much like the last games campaign players will be given two views of the war that rages in this universe. The game play thru this campaign felt fresh as-well and i look forward to play this much improved campaign. Now how bout’ dat multi player playa?

Once again they have manage to impress me with how they have improved on their original formula. They have added an even more robust customization system not only to the weapons but also to character models. Along with the stunning visuals and deadly weapons to test come two game modes. The standard death match feels much more balanced than it’s predecessor and runs smoother as-well . Conquest which is really just a territory based game, really is more fun in my opinion because of the element added by being able to transform. The abilities each of the four classes have add to the well-balanced frenzy of the on-line. To sum it up this demo has taught me that a lot of developers have been bs’n and lazy. The level of fun that I had playing this demo makes me want to spend that sixty..Now to go find that sixty…

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