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DOOM 3 BFG Edition Preview

Real Talk By: KJ

DOOM 3 is returning this fall. A game, at its peak dazzled the eyes with its graphics. I remember first seeing it at Micro Center. The graphics at the time were stealer. Now its making a comeback. This isn’t a simple copy and paste re-release. Coming on Xbox 360 and PS3 this fall, not only will the visuals get a true HD polishing, but it will feature the ‘Resurrection of Evil’ Add-On. I missed that expansion in the past, so this will be cool to experience. But there is also new stuff nobody’s seen yet. Brand new levels man! Seven to be exact dubbed: ‘The Lost Mission’. As a bonus, Bethesda included an improved save system that will make it easier for a player to fight the baddies, and a flashlight attached to the armor. This lets you shine the light on demons while shooting. The single and multiplayer will remain intact also.

The HD Remix will also feature the classics DOOM 1 and 2. The Doom 3 part will allow for 3D gameplay, with achievements for both titles. It’s great to see a classic getting the all-Star treatment. fans deserve, and should expect nothing less.

The games price point is at $39.99, with a tentative release date of October 16, 2012

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