Madden and FIFA 13 Wii U info

Both titles are hitting the system at launch.

As Nintendo intended, the controllers design will allow for unique gameplay not possible on other consoles. It appears that the graphics may compete with the other current systems on the market. Will the controls be responsive? From a coaching perspective, the game looks to give a hardcore FIFA fan way more gameplay options. It will be interested to see how this game is received.

“View a statistical analysis of the match and any player at any time, enabling you to make informed decisions. Plus, connect and interact with friends like no other FIFA title. See your friends online and invite them to play, or message them in real-time using touch screen typing. FIFA 13 features innovations utilizing the Wii U GamePad™ that immerse players in the action on the pitch. Gamers can lift and look through the GamePad touch screen to aim the ball on set pieces and penalty kicks, then put the perfect curve on a shot and let it fly. Shake the GamePad to activate Touch Screen Shooting, removing the element of ‘hit and hope’, and allowing for pinpoint accuracy.” EA

Madden 13 brings a new commentary group of Phil Simms and Jim Nantz from the CBS Network. You can play-call on the screen, make pre-snap adjustments in a way that your buddy will never know what hit him. With this being a launch experiment, hopefully EA can get it right on the first outing. We don’t need another Madden 3DS experience. Just saying.

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