The Amazing Spider-Man Review

Real Talk by: KJ

This movie tie-in takes the re-booted Amazing Spider-Man, and advances his story past the film. Peter Parker has come to terms with his heroic identity. The game sees Spidey free roaming, solving random crimes and completing a variety of missions. The main story still involves Dr. Connors and the Oscorp regime. Smythe: played by Nolan North, (this guy is making some serious dough) has continued the doctor’s research while running tests on more creatures. Of course it doesn’t go as planned and the subjects break out and an infection spreads throughout New York.

Spider-man can take this challenge on with his upgradable abilities. Several just improve on features that come with the game, while other enhancements can give him more web-based attacks. The combat is like Batman Arkham City, but admittedly not on that level. You’ll hit the Y or Triangle button to counter, but it still feels as if Bruce Wayne has better reflexes than Peter Parker. Spidey has some solid counters and reversals, but you never really unlock more hand to hand combat moves. It starts to get stale seeing the same scissors kick and back-breaker moves over and over. Past spider-man games nailed this aspect, so that was bit of a let down.

As you fight the infected throughout the main mission, you will run into several villains. Rhino, Scorpion, and others. Boss fights can be fun or dull. Some incorporate Quick time events, but it’s never abused in this game. Note that a lot of the battles toward the end of the game really deliver. That’s whats good about this title, the last few missions do a great job of putting the player in peril.

The graphics are good. Usually movie games get that rush treatment, especially in this department, so it was nice to see the visuals were taken care of. Spider-man’s suit is detailed, and the infected really look nasty. The levels look legit and the lighting effects shine, especially towards the end of the story. The voice-work is also pretty elite despite the film’s actors not reprising their roles. You might catch yourself investing in these characters wondering whats going to happen next. There’s a couple of funny references to other comics throughout. Great dialogue overall.

It’s that thinking outside of the box aspect that stays inconsistent. The side missions are plain and simple: A snooze. There’s a decent amount of them, but none are worth playing more than a few times. Beat a random group of thugs, save a person, in the same spot, for the fifth time, okay. Stop the same getaway vehicle, exc. More thought could have been put into these. When you beat the game this is whats left for you to do. The fun that awaits. After carrying your 18th person to the same medical drop-off, it looses steam.

Extending the gameplay a bit is the feature that spidey can take pictures of people. Get important ones, and view them in the art gallery. Comics are scattered throughout the city. When hitting certain milestones of comic collecting, you’ll be able to read the books within the game. Travel is made easy with web rush. Hold the right bumper, and time will slow down allowing you to direct the next place your hero will web sling. Great for targeting comics and enemies. It makes for ideal moments, when stealth missions pop up and the player needs to get out of sight. The stealth is just okay like the combat.  It leaves a Batman lite kind of feeling.

Overall The Amazing Spider-Man has several mechanics within its core that are great ideas, but some are better implemented than others. Its standout moments are really cool though, and involve Dr. Connors. It’s a smooth rental and a movie tie-in that doesn’t suck.

The Amazing Spider-Man gets


Out of five

What’s Legit?

+Voice Acting

+Solid story

+ Main Levels and the Black Cat side mission

What’s Perpetrating?

-Spidey should have more combat moves

-Most side missions get old fast

-Not much to do after main story is complete

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