Lone Survivor Dual Review

Real Talk By EC

Lone Survivor is a game with a weird and twisted story that revolves around a main character, whose simply known as “You”. You wakes up in his apartment ranting about monsters outside and how he might be the only normal person left and his only goal is to find someone else who hasn’t turned, being that he fears dying alone, he ventures out of the apartment and arms himself with a map in search of clues to lead him in the right direction.

This 2D side scroller pits you against these inside out creatures similar to zombies, that luckily can only move from side to side where as You can hide within crevasses’ in the walls that for some reason the monsters can’t see, and can easily be avoided due to their hunger for rotting meat, that You happens to find just lying around.

The game play is simple, move about in your two dimensions and look for weapons, clues, and food to help you make your way through the hellish nightmare that the city has become. Food is important to You, if he isn’t fed regularly he’ll start to complain about how he’s hungry and can’t go on much longer, and it also affects your over all mental health, which is important cause with low mental health comes hallucinations and blackouts, and that may sound fun, but You’s mental health can affect how you progress in the game, and ultimately the ending.

Jasper Byrne’s Lone Survivor is an Epic Win for the Indie Game Genre. It’s a simple puzzle/survivor horror/side scrolling game that plunges you into a world filled with many questions and very little answers. I can easily say that I loved playing this game, even though it got stressful at times.  I recommend you get it. Now. Only 9.99 on Steam.


Second Opinion from J.Valdez

This game was an impulse buy, I saw part of the trailer and thought the concept was cool since I’m interested in psychological thrillers. I didn’t know how well it would translate into a game though. Playing through seemed a little boring at the beginning since I’m not too good at keeping inventory. Everything is limited in the game, limited ammo, limited food and medicine, and you need to moderate it in order to survive until the end. This is what ads challenge to the gameplay, because I honestly think its easy to pass those monster things if you’re careful enough, but making sure you eat is a big priority. Especially since some foods you just can’t eat until completing a task like getting gas for the stove or can openers for cans of food.

The game’s soundtrack was perfect, subtle but bringing everything together, no sounds seemed out of place. The entire game is 16 bit, gave it a retro feel for me, the animation was as satisfying as it could be. The gameplay isn’t slow at all, the action may be slow to moderate but its not an action game, so if that’s what you’re looking for, you may as well skip this title, however I recommend not skipping this game. The controls are easy to learn and you only play with your keyboard, since I’m not too used to PC games, I sometimes thought some of the keys I needed to press were a little far from each other.

For me this game delivered and exceeded any expectations I had when I saw the trailer. Fans of the survival horror genre will love this game. A great mix of psychological horror, survival, and the occasional comic relief.


What’s Legit

+Everything is well executed


What’s Perpetrating

-No choice of extra weapons

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