‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’ Movie Review

Real Talk By: El Padrino

In this novel driven film we take a wild adventure with one of the better known presidents of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. The movie is directed by Timur Bekmambetov the mind behind the movie Wanted. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter brings a twist into the life of Honest Abe, by involving actual key points in Lincoln’s life and slapping a world of evil vampires into the mix. As they scheme their way to power in the world of man in the US.  Abraham must battle politics and vampires alike.

The film begins as a revenge story. A young Lincoln witnesses his mother’s death by the fangs of a vampire. In his amateur attempt to kill off his mother’s murderer he fails miserably with little understanding of his foes supernatural abilities. He is saved by a mysterious man named Henry Sturgess who becomes his mentor in the skill of vampire hunting. Henry sends Lincoln off on Missions to “hunt” vampires with the promise of one day seeking his revenge better prepared. Adam (a poorly developed villain in the story) is the leader of the vampire organization who wants to take control of the country. He uses the Civil War tension to gain power by helping the confederacy win the war.

Daniel Day-Lewis has a tough act to follow with actor Benjamin Walker playing an energetic Abraham Lincoln. The cast does its best to bring life to a poorly written script. What director Timur did on the movie Wanted with implementing slow motion failed miserably on Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. The action sequences seemed rushed and the camera angles made it impossible to focus on the scenes. There were moments in the movie that reminded me of Uncharted 2 when speaking of graphic quality. But don’t be confused that isn’t a compliment. No movie CGI should look like video game animation. Max Payne could have shown Abe how to use bullet time or should I say Axe time a little better. The climactic fight between Adam and Lincoln left me unimpressed. My last take on the movie is it would have turned out better being a fifteen minute short film on YouTube. Harsh but true.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Gets

2.5 Out of five

What’s Legit?

Benjamin Walkers take on Lincoln
The story of Lincoln and Vampires in Civil War era
The closing scene

What’s perpetrating?

-Character development
-Usage of slow motion
-Horrible script

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