Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes Review

Real Talk By: Ms. Throwback

Lego games have always been popular. When beginning Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes you think to yourself, “with such a long running series of games, can they do it again?” The answer is yes, Lego Batman 2 brings significant changes to the table but leaves us with the classic feeling that we have come to love about the series.

Our story begins with Joker interrupting The Man of the Year ceremony by employing the likes of Poison Ivy, Riddler, Penguin and Lex Luthor. Lex Luthor starts running for president and the ballot box is jam-packed with votes for the villain. Of course he won’t get away with his shenanigans when Batman, Robin, Superman, and the entire Justice League are around. The storyline is very entertaining and keeps up through the entire game. Although with 15 chapters it is still surprisingly short at about eight and a half hours.

Along with the story comes some incredible voice acting. The Lego games have never seen this kind of voice acting cast line-up and it shows. Lego Batman 2 moves beyond the silence into a motivating and hilarious story told with animated voice overs. It’s a much appreciated addition. The Soundtrack of the game is whimsical and appropriate and while it wouldn’t stand out in a crowd it certainly isn’t bad by any means.

Traditional Lego controls find their way back into this second edition of Lego Batman, which is a good thing. It’s easy to switch between characters, punch, jump, and have a second player move in and out of cooperative play with just the touch of a button. Special powers are given to each character, some of them include, Wonder Woman’s Lasso, magnetized Cyborg, and a sonic blast for Black Canary.

Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes also brings us something new with its completely open world to explore. It almost seems there is no end to the places you can go and seems much bigger in comparison to the other Lego games. The game’s world is absolutely overflowing with things to collect and explore. New characters to unlock, people to rescue, vehicles to drive, red bricks to collect, and lets not forget about our treacherous villains lurking around every corner.

One of the most entertaining things for me in the game was the collection of the golden bricks. There are a total of 250 in the game and while some of them are obtained through completing objectives, most of them can be found throughout Gotham City. These golden bricks can only be accessed most of the time by the moves of certain characters and become an intricate challenge of the game. With so many playable characters I can’t even begin to name them all, some of them being Flash, Hush, Batgirl, Green Lantern, and Martian Manhunter, there are any number of ways to complete the puzzles that abound throughout the world in trying to obtain the golden bricks.

There are a couple of downfalls in the game that can become annoying. For one thing when you do obtain a golden brick it autosaves which is great but for some reason you can’t move while this happens. Also sometimes there is a wait while a computer terminal pops up when you land on an objective. Using the map is essential in the game too, and for some reason you can’t zoom in to even really see where you need to land, so you’re always landing a little ways away from where you really need to be and pausing to see where you need to move, a couple of steps to the left, right, or wherever you need to go.

Overall the game is fantastic, collecting all the little trinkets in the game becomes insanely addictive, and the positives defiantly outweigh the negatives by a landslide. The amount of unlockable characters and the story line leaves us satisfied, without leaving us overwhelmed, and using the moves of these characters create new and exciting puzzles around every turn. The Lego franchise has done it again and Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes leaves us wanting more.

Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes Gets


Out of five

What’s Legit?

+Amount of unlockable characters

+Storyline +Voice acting

+Open world gameplay

What’s Perpetrating?

-Figuring out where you are landing on the map.

-Strange glitches here and there.

-No Online Coop. Again.

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