‘Prometheus’ Movie Review

Real Talk By: El Padrino

Having unanswered questions after watching a movie has never felt more exciting. The sequel is inevitable. It’s the ride in the sci-fi world of Prometheus that allows you to bypass these questions and just get lost in the experience. After making masterpiece films like Blade Runner, Alien and Gladiator. Ridley Scott returns 32 years later to the genre that made him a Legit director in the film industry. Prometheus shares points to the original Alien film but I believe Scott has redefined the sense of a prequel by simply re-routing the concept in the same universe. With a lead cast perfectly executed to bring out the rawest emotions for the situation at hand. Prometheus delivers. And the visual, well it just puts the icing on the cake.

The story follows an archaeologist couple Elizabeth Shaw and Charlie Holloway. They discover a group of cave drawings in different parts of the world, spanning thousands of years, that points to the same coordinates in space. They set out on an exploration to a moon in space founded by Weyland Industries with a crew of 15. There goal and mission is to find an answer to the origins of human existence. Little do they know CEO Peter Weyland has different motives for funding such a mission. They find the answer to their question but with that answer comes serious consequences. The type of consequence that ends with the cliche term “Curiosity killed the cat”. And as lame as it sounds it really fits well to describe what happens.

Elizabeth Shaw played by Noomi Rapace(Girl with a Dragon Tattoo)is your essential heroine of the film. Her strength lies in her faith. Noomi steals the show in my opinion, especially in a scene so uncomfortable to watch you would want to be in the waiting room for this operation. My second standout is the complex android David 8 played by Michael Fassbender. Michael was the breakthrough actor last year playing different roles and showing a multitude of range in his acting. He was highly impressive playing David but I believe he could have been iconic with a better understanding of his motives in the movie. Which again is just one of many questions you are left asking yourself after watching this film. The one head shaker casting would have to be Guy Pearce(Memento) playing Peter Weyland. Can’t understand why they wouldn’t actually bring in a more naturally aged actor, maybe the great Gary Oldman. Instead they forced a ridiculous amount of make up and as great as Pierce is it wasn’t believable. All around the acting in Prometheus was a superior uplift to the genre of sci-fi in a feature film.

Spoiler alert– In the first hour of Prometheus we are introduced to the details of the land and chilling mood it sets for the film to follow. It is an amazing piece of art visually and its everything a Sci-fi fanatic would want to experience in a movie. It sadly strays from the horror that is portrayed on Alien. And kind of evokes a suspense that at the end really doesn’t impress like Alien did. The biggest controversy that will follow the film for many years to come is the religious part or the belief in the film that humanity was created by Space Jockeys described in the opening scene of Prometheus. The black liquid shown in the movie depicts our villain, a form of genius weapon that needs an article of its own to understand and discuss better. But I believe it reacts differently to the environment it is put around. It is a synthetic weapon that has feeling and feeds off of the characteristic of man. When David the android first grabs a piece of the liquid it is still in its regular form. It only begins to melt and liquify more when humans get more involved. But well branch out to that next time. The reality is that the films story had many faults to it. And I believe it involves the notion that this would be the Alien prequel everybody wanted and it would get right to the point in answering questions built up since its debut 30 plus years ago. I am going to put faith of my own in believing the sequel will exceed the expectations we longed for in this film and will be a modern masterpiece. And yes I am the optimistic movie aficionado. I was marveled with its presentation and encouraged on its potential for perfection on the sequel. All I know is what Prometheus did is bring justice to a deteriorating genre which has now brought life back to the Alien film series.

Prometheus gets

4 Out of five

What’s legit?

+Stunning visual effects/ CGI

+Noomi Rapace in her U.S. film debut

+The power of morphine and painkillers

+Final scene

What’s Perpetrating?

-More thrills than chills

-No dialogue for space Jockeys

-Questions left unanswered

4 thoughts on “‘Prometheus’ Movie Review

  1. Really really hope Ridley Scott makes a sequel… to this prequel. Definitely want to know what happens next!

    Also just FYI- Noomi Rapace was in ‘Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows’ earlier this year, unless that is considered a U.K. and not U.S movie (just in reference to the comment that this was her U.S. film debut). She was great in both!


  2. I hope they just keep on making these movies. It really brought me back to how horror movies used to be. I’m all for some chick running screaming through a whole movie, It’s a 70’s vibe, but sometimes I want some 80’s slime and guts ravaging the screen. That C-Section scene…priceless.


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