E3 2012: Microsoft Press Conference Roundup

Real Talk By: KJ

Halo 4 live action vid, (later gameplay) footage showed off incredible detail in the textures and sound. This was a great way to open the show. Graphics are in line with Crysis at this point, so were hoping that this isn’t just a smoke and mirrors treatment. Showing new enemies and weapons, hinting at villainous forerunner beings shows that there’s still plenty of story in this world. Still concerned with the multiplayer though. The lack of a beta is never a good thing.

New splinter cell announced showing Sam Fisher in the middle east. “Splinter Cell Blacklist” is the name of the game. He will still use his enemy marking techniques, along with new violent take-downs. Fisher can call in airstrikes on perps as well. Overkill city. You can yell at the kinect to alert guards of your presence, setting them up for deadly attacks. Spy vs Mercs returns to the game, which still leaves us scratching our heads. Why was it removed in the first place?

Square Enix showed off a very well done demonstration of the Tomb Raider origin story. Its appears as if Lara Croft is reminding Nathan Drake who runs the genre. Amazing set pieces, showing her in real danger, really struggling to survive making for a unique game. Not every character should have super soldier reflexes. Its looks as if the gunplay will be a lot more fluid than ever before. The first batch of DLC will hit the Xbox first. Seriously, this was a spectacular demo.

NBA Gametime and League Passes are coming soon. Xbox will now offer more of ESPN’s programming. Sportscenter, Mike & Mike, you know stuff people actually watch on the channel.

Xbox Smartglass. This is a feature reminding us of Nintendo’s Miiverse.  The player will be able to get access to programing and other web content across all iOS devices, enhancing the Xbox experience. The goal is to make your television a  “Smart TV”. Time will tell which console will carry out these features better. unlock something for Halo Waypoint in the upcoming game, check out what it is on your tablet. This needs to be completely seamless, or forget about it! What does Sony have in mind for these two?

A long gameplay demonstration of Call of Duty Black Ops 2 ended the show. Its showed off some futuristic weapons, and more explosions. We were looking for something new and cataclysmic to end the show, but a trusted IP will suffice. Explosions!

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One thought on “E3 2012: Microsoft Press Conference Roundup

  1. I’m happy to hear about a lot of these games but i also wish there were some new hardcore titles that haden’t been done before. im sick of the same things over and over…not that i wont play them 😉

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