Hitman Sniper Challenge & Batman Arkham City: Harley Quinn’s Revenge Reviewed

Real Talk By: KJ

On this edition of the Diss or Download, I will be reviewing two titles. One game is the appetizer, the other: dessert. The Hitman Sniper Challenge ($5 when Reserving Hitman Absolution at Gamestop) and Batman Arkham City: Harley Quinn’s Revenge ($10 via XBLA and PSN).

The Hitman Sniper Challenge is a preview of whats to come this fall when absolution releases. Agent 47 is on a rooftop with his rifle, going after his designated hit. This is a lot more difficult, because there’s other enemies that will have to be killed outside of the main dude. The tricky part is shooting guards without others seeing the bodies. When a dead body is exposed, the guards are instantly alerted, and they will leave the area immediately. Hiding the bodies really gives me a nice preview of what the future will hold. Shooting guards into a pool to hide them, or a bush, or right off of the building brings smiles. This opens the challenge up for a few more play-throughs than you would expect. Of course those special kills will all earn you a higher score. You can still win the challenge with the main baddy killed, but you will lose out on several more bonus points by not killing all the guards. If you’re trying to compete with your friends scores, you will need a lot of patience. Please note that the sniper challenge includes only one stage, and no achievements.

The graphics are some of the best I’ve seen to date. Hitman is incredibly detailed, as well the games environments. This to me is a result of Square Enix tossing their money to aid in the visual department. The sniper challenge is very short, but it’s also only five dollars. It’s not something you rush out to buy, but it does its job in selling Absolution to the consumer. If you were going to reserve the new hitman anyways, at least now you’re getting something in advance for doing so. Not a lot of companies offer this and for that its a solid


Batman has brought himself back to Arkham city to rescue police officers kidnapped by Harley Quinn. Quinn is still furious from the events of the retail game. She blames Batman 100 percent, and will stop at nothing to end The Dark Knight. Batman is also captured by the Villainess, so it’s up to Robin to save him. This DLC sees the player alternating between the duo. Robin has his own set of gadgets that will need to be used to get through certain obstacles. Goons with guns, will need to watch out for robin’s bullet shield. I knew about all of his abilities, well you know being one of the few people to originally reserve Batman: AC @ Best buy and stuff, but I digress. The big downside to the DLC is that its very short. You could beat it in two hours. With that being said, there’s obviously not enough of Batman and Robin working together for my liking. Maybe the purchase would have been more justified with the inclusion of more challenge maps and an additional character (Batwing?). Those moments where you’ll have to do the unusual tasks, do not come up enough. Keep in mind its 10 dollars, but it truly is fun while it lasts. This is a cautious download. People with money to blow, go ahead but for everyone else needing to stretch your dollars it’s a


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