Spin it Off: Captain Falcon

Real Talk By: KJ

The F-Zero racing series has been generally known as a controller tossing affair. Especially in F-Zero GX, completing a race and not dying, was more of a challenge than it was landing in the winner’s circle. An equally difficult mode within GX was its story mode. The mode had a handful of levels, but each were accompanied with sharp cut scenes, and hilariously voiced dialogue. When playing through the captain’s adventure, you begin to figure out that Falcon is a really cool character. All of these examples put the idea into my mind, that he should have his own separate game. Captain Falcon has a fair share of villains he could combat with on and off the track. The three people who watched the anime will agree there were plenty of action scenes outside of just racing, so this spinoff idea could work.

Falcon’s evil cloned counter part: Blood Falcon, would make several appearances throughout. Samurai Goroh and his gang of bandits would cause minor problems. Zoda, being one of falcon’s top Bounty’s due to his criminal notoriety, would give the player a true challenge. All of these melee’s would Lead up to the final confrontation against Black Shadow. Deathborn could be the main enemy down the line, but that would be left for the next installment due to his laundry list of galactic powers. On a side note, he can’t be killed, so there’s another valid reason to delay his arrival.

You would cruise around planets looking for enemies. The player would have to chase down the perps on different planets, opening this game up for some crazy level designs. There would be side missions. You could choose to pursue a criminal for bonus points, but it would be up to the player. The player could use the earnings from collecting a bounty to upgrade the captain’s moves, and his iconic vehicle: The Blue Falcon. Color options, speed enhancements, you name it. Falcon would use his attacks found in Super Smash Brothers of course, because it’s just the right thing to do. Falcon punching/kicking waves of enemies and sending ordinary thugs packing.

Part Racer, part beat-em up, a spinoff with the Captain could be an amazing tale.

The Wii U would be a great place to have this title. Picture the game-play visuals on the same level as the featured cut scenes, but it may even look better with the new Wii’s graphic capabilities. How would the screen on the controller function? The Falcon is known as one of Nintendo’s best characters, but I feel not enough appreciation has been shown. The surrounding cast would be interesting enough to add even more flavor to the game. More should be done with F-Zero, if anything lets see a racing sequel. Its been way too long. As far as Captain Falcon goes, he is one of the few characters from Nintendo that has depth; Show the world that this BA has more to offer than just a falcon punch.

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