Better Ask Somebody: Call of Duty: Black Ops II

They Say:

“Set in the year 2025,  Call of Duty: Black Ops II propels players into global conflict featuring advanced weaponry, robotics, and drone warfare in a new Cold War scenario whose seeds are being sown in today’s headlines.  New graphics technology drives the stunning cinematic action of the single-player campaign’s branching storylines and non-linear missions.”

“Hands down, this is the most ambitious  Call of Duty ever,” said Eric Hirshberg, CEO of Activision Publishing. “We are bringing disruptive innovation to the franchise and we are doing it on several fronts. We’re pushing the boundaries technologically, graphically, and from a narrative and gameplay perspective. At the same time, we need to stay true to the epic realism, authenticity, heart pumping adrenaline, and cinematic action that so many people love and expect from a  Call of Duty  game. Treyarch’s vision for  Call of Duty: Black Ops II will redefine the  Call of Duty franchise for the future-both literally and figuratively.”

“With  Call of Duty: Black Ops II the team is crafting an experience that  Call of Duty  fans have never seen before,” said Mark Lamia, Studio Head for Treyarch. “We are challenging assumptions on every front, with the single player campaign, Zombies and multiplayer.  In the campaign, we are creating a thought-provoking story that introduces branching storylines and meaningful choices that impact the narrative.  Running in the multiplayer engine for the first time, Zombies gives players a bigger and more diverse set of gameplay experiences, as well as entirely new ways to wage war with the undead.  And in multiplayer, we’re embracing all skill levels and play styles to give players more ways to engage. With  Call of Duty: Black Ops II, we’re all in and we won’t rest until we’ve launched nothing less than the best  Call of Duty we’ve ever made.”

We say:

Well, it still has zombies. Treyarch’s CODs have always included this strong mini game in each title, so to see more of the sweet stuff is certainly a good thing. One the Campaign front, Black Ops has a much stronger story than MW3 so hopefully the narrative will be pushed to the next level. With future warfare, its easy to make new weapons and other devices that don’t exist. We want the additions to be balanced. As history would tell you Activision keeps a special kind of mentality that leaves some hardcore fans in the dust. The “No Beta” thing has to go. There hasn’t been one Call of Duty in the past few years that didn’t need one. Betas work out the kinks, it’s just common sense. Were sure Activision feels that people will buy it anyway (and they do) so there’s no need. With a game based on make believe mechanics and such, it pretty much demands a beta. Overall this has the potential to destroy MW3 if the proper care is taken. We know it will break records and people will buy, but this company still needs give it their all.

You Say:

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