Captain America and The Avengers Retro Review

Real Talk By: Ms. Throwback

Captain America & The Avengers is a multi-platform game that was available in two different arcade versions, along with SNES, Sega Genesis, Game Gear, and Game Boy. All of the versions differ slightly.  Most notably the arcade rendition of the game was created as two completely different consoles, one of which four separate players could fight at the same time using one of the four playable characters, and another arcade console that was a two player version with each player being able to select from the four. Also it should be noted that there is an NES game with the same name that is essentially a completely different game. I played the Sega Genesis version for the sake of this review.

At the start of the game the player can choose from one of four characters, Captain America, Iron Man, Hawk Eye, and Vision. Once you’ve choose your character you get a completely lame series of text screens telling the story of how red skull has assembled a mind controlled take over team and it’s up to the avengers to stop them. I was highly disappointed in the presentation of the story line, especially after having reviewed several other comic book themed games where the story line is followed along by beautiful comic book style story art. On a good note however this same text is used within the game during the beginning of certain areas as conversations between your main character and the enemies. I like the text being used in this way more as it carries the storyline throughout the game instead of letting it drop off.

moving into actual gameplay the art becomes more noticeable, although not as impressive as it could be in the background, on-screen characters and enemies look very good.  The Sega version has the possibility of two players. I can imagine the arcade version with four players would’ve been a ton of fun as the beat-em-up chaos would’ve erupted even more with more players included. Even the one player version of the game is fun however and the feel is very fast paced on the Sega Genesis console.

In the game your character has two attack moves and one jump move, along with a special move. Depending on your character the special move changes, Captain America throws his shield at enemies, Iron Man throws a laser cannon from his arm, Hawk Eye shoots arrows across the screen, and Vision shoot lasers from his eyes. These characters can not only be chosen from at the beginning of the game, but also whenever a continue is used by the player, they can opt to choose a different character. Along with the regular moves, objects on the screen can also be utilized.

Part way through the game a surprising turn in gameplay happens when the game turns from a beat-em-up to a side scrolling shooter. Depending on the player’s character you will be shooting different objects but this is a really fun part of the game and one I appreciated to the fullest. The side-scrolling shooter portion isn’t by any means ultra challenging but it does break it up and helps keep the game from becoming too repetitive.

Overall I really enjoyed this game. While it didn’t win over my heart it was a pretty solid title and really a fun game to play. It didn’t bring anything to innovative to the table for its day, as far as classic beat-em-ups go, but it is fun to be able to play as your favorite avengers. On top of it all this is a great multiplayer game. The more people the better.

Captain America and The Avengers Gets


Out of five

What’s Legit?

+Not glitchy

+Good character art

+Fun in multiplayer

Whats Perpetrating?

-Could have had a prettier beginning story

-Background art not overly impressive

-Brings nothing new to the table for its time

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8 thoughts on “Captain America and The Avengers Retro Review

  1. Okay, don’t get me wrong, this was one of my favorite games back in the day but why is this being reviewed? I thought that maybe it got re-released or something but no, it’s a review of the original game. What’s the point of that? Most people who read this review probably don’t even have an SNES or Genesis to play it on if they can even find the game.

    Cool game but pointless review.


      1. That’s fair but how are they going to play the game? I don’t know about you but I haven’t owned an SNES or Genesis for over 18 years. Most people reading this were probably too young to even own them. Yeah the flick is out (go see it btw, it’s f’n amazing!) but there isn’t really a point to this review since most people can’t even get their hands on the game these days.


    1. A lot of people still own classic systems. Just because you don’t own a classic system doesn’t mean that other people don’t. If you don’t own a classic system you can get a brand spanking new one made by a third party for $30 online. Or you can buy used ones for as low as $10 at a local used gaming store. One top of that many classic games are available through virtual consoles on the new systems and many of these games exausted before the Internet was used to review games so there isn’t a lot of information out there on these titles.

      Regardless of if you Appreciate the review or not there are people out there who pride themselves in their collections and would like to know more about a certain title before they buy it. Many of these older games too cost a pretty penny depending on their condition. This game for instance regularly goes for up to $32 in mint condition on eBay. People want information and research on these games and that is what we are giving them.

      Thank you for your opinion however.


      1. I understand that but I still find the review irrelevant. If Captain America and the Avengers had been re-released on psn or xbl then it would make sense. However if people have to go out of their way to get this game (you can’t just go into gamestop or the aforementioned places) to get it then the review is pointless and only for a very minor select few people.


      2. Ummm…okay three weeks later? I commend your insistence, I do not commend your Incomprehension.


  2. Some of my movies are over ten years old, it doesn’t mean people shouldn’t watch em’. Wanka troll. Btw.. my latest movie is a crime action thriller called Safe, it’s at your local cineplex so go suport ya’ mate.


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