Designing The Next Star Wars Fighting Game

Real Talk By: Steph-O (Stephanie Owens)

Like many a nerd before me, the Star Wars movies (and by that I mean the original trilogy…) are some of my favorite films. There are many Star Wars video games already out there (ah, the N64 pod racing games… good times), and a few of them are even fighting games. There’s the 1983 release for the Atari- Star Wars: Jedi Arena -where two players can face off in a 2D lightsaber training duel. Then in Soul Calibur IV, Darth Vader and Yoda make an appearance (along with the non-film character Apprentice), but the game is still mostly Soul Calibur characters. And then there’s Star Wars: Masters of Teras Kasi (1997)- an actual Star Wars fighting game that features all Star Wars music and maps as well as 3D characters. But Masters of Teras Kasi was not well received due to its sluggish fighting engine, and it was created before any of the prequel movies premiered in theaters (although they may be painfully horrible to watch, some of the characters could still work for a fighting game IMO). The newest Star Wars game to be released is Kinect Star Wars-  but it has many different game features and does not focus on one-on-one combat.

So what would a new Star Wars fighting game look like? What would the characters and their fighting styles be? What locations would it feature? Here’s what I’ve come up with…



Characters from the original and prequel trilogies are included, but to keep it simple the game does not expanded outside the film universe. It would be nice to include more Jedi Masters, like Qui-Gon Jinn or Mace Windu, but their fighting styles would be too similar to some of the other characters (not to mention each other). Same goes for adding more bounty hunters, Jar Jar Binks (just for the satisfaction of beating him up), droids, scantily clad females… although lets not forget, Slave Leia is justifiable since she DID manage to kill Jabba the Hut while still in chains!


The game hits some of the major locations while still keeping clear variety between the stages. They would be partially animated: AT-AT Walkers move slowly across the ice world of Hoth way back in the background; Luke’s X-Wing Fighter bobs slowly up and down in the swamps of Dagobah as a bat flies across the screen; the eye of the Dianoga that lives in the trash compactor pops up every so often. And of course, there will be Star Wars themed music, varied depending on which stage you are fighting in.


Luke Skywalker– attacks and blocks with his lightsaber, has a high, somersaulting jump

Princess Leia– attacks with blaster pistol or minimal Force, somewhat fast paced with lower damage attacks

Han Solo– attacks with blaster pistol or kicks and punches, dashes by somersaulting on the ground

Chewbacca– attacks with his claws, has a very minimal jump, is a slow fighter with high damage attacks

Darth Vader– attacks and blocks with his lightsaber and the Force, including choking, is somewhat slower with higher damage attacks

Yoda– attacks and blocks with his lightsaber or the Force, has a very high jump and is a very fast paced character with lower damage attacks

R2-D2 & C-3PO– the player controls both robots, with R2-D2 as the main attacker using his electro-shock prod and limited flying using jets

Aayla Secura– attacks and blocks with her lightsaber, striking more martial arts inspired poses, overall faster paced with somewhat high jumps

Wicket– attacks and blocks with a spear, dashes by somersaulting on the ground, is slower paced with higher damage attacks

Boba Fett– attacks with a gun, has limited flying with his jetpack for extra high jumps and dashing

General Grevious– attacks and blocks with four lightsabers, dashes by walking on six legs

Darth Maul– attacks and blocks with a double-bladed lightsaber, strikes more martial arts inspired poses, is fast paced with a semi high jump

Stormtrooper– attacks with standard blaster rifle or kicks and punches, medium speed and jump

Emperor Palpatine– attacks and blocks using the Force and Force lighting, is a slow fighter with high damage attacks

Young Anakin– attacks with minimal Force or headbutts and kicks, is fast paced with lower damage attacks

Slave Leia– attacks and blocks using a chain with long reach, is a fast paced fighter with lower damage attacks


The characters and stages are in a more 2D illustrative style, so this game is completely different from past Star Wars fighting games. The game’s interface is clean and traditional- fancy effects can be saved for the characters’ block and attack moves!

4 thoughts on “Designing The Next Star Wars Fighting Game

  1. Your designs and ideas really work well for the series, the concept of not having too many expanded universe characters so that it can appeal to as many people as possible is a good one. I would consider making Vader an unlockable boss myself.

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    1. Thanks Cmack! Vader as an unlockable boss is a good idea- I did not really consider ‘story mode’ all that much I suppose… also I would definitely want to be able to play Vader as well as fight him! haha

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