Kinectimals iOS Review

Real Talk by J. Valdez

I don’t know if I can really call this a review. This will be more like a tale, of the adventures of me and my pet Panther, Master Chief. Master Chief and I weren’t really friends from the beginning. In fact I started playing the game with the Cheetah. Having never played Kinectimals I didn’t really give much thought to who I used throughout this…adventure if you will. That changed however, I quickly noticed that I didn’t like the way the cheetah looked. Even though we had been through a few challenges and played ball. I felt like cheetah had a smug attitude, I would pet it, and it would raise its head in the air like it didn’t care. So we parted ways. I found out afterwards that there were quite a few animals I could choose from.

After playing around with some of the other animals I settled on the black panther. I then found out you could change its name and dubbed him Master Chief. We played together for what seemed like hours (it was probably just half an hour, but work time is slower than real time). At one point I thought I had been playing way too long since its fur was turning brown, turns out you can wash these animals after playing for a while, because they will get dirty from all the dirt. We finished some of the challenges that the cheetah couldn’t handle, it’s easy learning to sit and jump, but cheetah has no skill with the jump rope.

The environments that MC and I played through were really colorful and bright. Not the type of game you want to play at night in my opinion. It does look great  though, I played it on an iPhone 4, the game ran fine, no hiccups, fast loading throughout, and responsive to touch. MC seemed to get dirty according to the area he was in. The grassy areas would make him muddy and brown, while the beach made him golden when he got covered in sand. If you aren’t bright enough to notice when your pet needs to be washed it will let you know. It does the same when hungry or thirsty making it harder to accidentally kill.

It’s not all mini games either, there’s a photo shoot mode where you and your pet can take pictures together in case no one believes you have a pet panther. Either with previously taken pictures or new ones. I brought MC into the world to do tricks on top of Gatorade bottles, stand on my friends shoulder, and try a KFC chicken strip for the first time. The possibilities are really endless, so please keep it PG.

For 2.99 I really can’t find much to complain about in this game. It’s not as entertaining as other games I’ve played, and none of those other games have given me a friend like MC. People may complain that it doesn’t use the iPhone’s camera to interact with the animals, I didn’t expect it to because the Kinect and iPhone camera are two different things, and you can’t take the Kinect with you to take pics on the go. It’s also cheaper than a tamagotchi, and those were really popular even though everyone’s tamagotchi died. I feel its worth it for the price, just not as entertaining as I would like it to be. 

Kinectimals iOS gets


Out of Five

Whats legit?


+You can make a friend

What’s Perpetrating?

-The Cheetah isn’t too friendly

-Limited video games


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