Skullgirls Review (PS3, Xbox 360, PC)

Real Talk By: KJ

This has been one of my most anticipated downloadable titles since Summer of last year. Sitting down and playing with the folks at Autumn Games, and seeing it in action really impressed me. The visuals, the gameplay were all spot on. With the three characters playable within that build, it was enough to know that this could be a heavy hitter in 2012. Now it’s finally here with five more characters. How does the retail experience stack up?

First and foremost, I can say that the visuals are some of the best 2D gaming has ever seen. Some may even argue it’s the best. The characters movements and attacks are drawn in detail almost frame by frame. The Sprites are designed for 1080P and feature real-time lighting effects. The story is set in the world of Canopy Kingdom, where the fighters are going after the SkullHeart. The Heart will grant the fighter the wish of their choice. It looks inside the person and decides whether that character is worthy of its power. As you would expect, some of the ladies get exactly what they were looking for. Take that with a grain of salt.

The Modes are Slim but they will offer entertainment. Story Mode is set up with various character artwork pieces and text explaining each females motives for fighting. This is a one on one mode for the most part, then things heat up. Because the characters are so unique, it makes you care about the story unlike most fighting games. It would have been nice to see fully animated cut-scenes, but we understand it’s an indie affair, at this point money is tight. If the game does well, Autumn plans to release more characters. The stages look great and the presentation has an old school Sky Captain, Noir vibe. The menu screen music is just an example of class. Note that while the playable roster is only 8, the moves list and unique strategies you will need for each is staggering. Take the characters to the games training area. Skullgirls features a Trial mode just like Street fighter 4’s. Expect a challenge as you learn more attacks, but satisfaction once getting through it.

Being able to mix and match the characters, really adds to the fun factor. It’s no secret, the fighting engine plays very similar to MVC2. Another relation is the ability to select your character count (Arcade and Versus only) before engaging in battle. 3v3 2v2 1v1, 1v3? One side could have three ladies, while the opposition would have only one. The game maintains its balance. While having three characters would seem to be a big advantage, that’s not the case. The assist moves are useful, but the player with one fighter will have more life, and a strength advantage. This feature alone really won us over.

The Online has no lobbies, but its uses the “GGPO” Tech. This right here, is the golden standard for network fighting making for some smooth fighting. 85 percent of the time.

Skullgirls sets trends with its dazzling 2D visuals and well designed characters. This game is made for the hardcore fighter. The A.I. is intelligent and will hand a casual player their behind even on Easy (pick Sleepwalk difficulty newbies). There’s something about playing this with your friends and seeing it in motion. You’re in control of a cartoon series, and a show that will continue to broadcast for many years.

Skullgirls gets


Out of Five

What’s Legit


+Character Design


What’s perpetrating

-Just two player lobbies

-More characters would have been nice

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