Spawn Retro Review (SNES)

Real Talk By: Ms. Throwback

Todd McFarlane’s Spawn: The Video Game, is a classic side scrolling beat-em-up action game. Spawn follows the comic book story line very closely and the opening scene begins telling us the story of Spawn. In this game Spawn plays the hero, rescuing children from the clutches of an evil demon.

Right at the beginning it’s clear that attention to detail was taken in character design and scenery. The game is visually appealing from background to foreground. city scenes scroll past the backdrop while helicopter spotlights and drops of rain entertain the foreground. detailed spray paintings of graffiti and cracks in the buildings give this title an art direction to be proud of.

When the game first starts it is simply a beat-em-up, but as you move throughout the levels it adds more and more platforming elements to it. The controls of the game really begin to show through once platforming is added as some of the time it can be really frustrating trying to scale walls and such because your character doesn’t seem to want to work with you. I found Spawn to feel very heavy and quick reaction is not an option. It’s not the worst I’ve ever come across but it could definitely be better. It’s just a good thing the title makes up for it with giving you basically unlimited continues along with a password setting so you don’t have to keep starting the game all the way over.

I found the bosses of the game to be quite fun, although they seemed to be a little too easy to beat. All of them were very unique presenting Spawn with different challenges and each ones design more stunning than the next. Spawn himself has special moves that must be known to beat many of the bosses and to make it through the platforming portions of the game. This can present a bit of a challenge as the special moves are not outlined in the game so they must be read from the instruction manual or from online sources.

The game also has some interesting level design in some parts, one of the bosses is actually the entire level itself and as you move around the bosses various platforms it tries to crush you, which it does very well, so much so that I felt like many a controller was thrown when this game first came out. It was frustrating but never the less excellent level design.  Another one of the levels was completely upside down which I found very intriguing. during this particular level all the special moves also had to be preformed backwards presenting another challenge of the game.

Overall I’d say this isn’t a bad game considering you can pick it up for about $5 bucks at the local classic game shop or online. it has an even amount of pros and cons and while it is a challenging game, my opinion is that the challenges come from the wrong places due to the control scheme. The level and art design are a plus though and it’s really a fun game to pass some time.

Spawn gets


Out of five

What’s Legit?

+Art & Level design

+Follows the comic book closely

+Interesting bosses

What’s Perpetrating?

-The Controls

-Difficulty is unbalanced

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