Could Holograms Take Over Gaming?

Real Talk By: KJ

My buddy told me that Tupac lives. He went to an amazing show the night before that had to be seen to be believed. What was he talking about? The massive concert Coachella 2012 happened to be the event. Well, it certainly ended in a big bang. Performances included names such as Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, 50 Cent, Warren G, Snoop Dogg, and Tupac? Yes, with Hologram technology. The legend was brought to life delivering a performance that shocked the fans. Can we look forward to games using this sort of technology in the future.

17 and up*

Could you imagine fighting enemies with Kratos in your living room. Literally in your home. Maybe the player could spar with Mike Tyson in a new Fight Night Title. Not every single game would depend on it, but many would use it for extra visual flair. Menu screens Ala Dead Space would really rock. The survival horror genre would get a much-needed kick. A handheld device could really benefit from the feature too. Nintendo’s DS has come close with its unique 3D system, but with the holo tech in capable hands this could build for all new experiences never thought possible. As epic as The last hologram title was, I think the industry can do better. Though I do enjoy stories of time travel.

At the end of the day, Tupac’s performance looked believable and stuff like this is only going to look better. When this technology develops even more, the line between fiction and reality may be altered forever. Michael Jackson Hologram, I think so. Simplified stuff will work too. The Hologram feature might even be regulated to the classic Star Wars board game featured in the original movie. George Lucas had it right oh so many years ago. Do you want your games to feature this technology?

4 thoughts on “Could Holograms Take Over Gaming?

  1. As much as I’d love to see this happen, it will probably be a long while before it does. The tech is a little too expensive at the moment, and it was really just 2D. It was awesome though.


    1. Finally someone is talking about this, well holograms could take over VG in a few more years….as Josias said ” tech is a little expensive,” but not only that just a simple setup cost thousands of dollars, + VG are more complex’s and requires a lot of time, but for right now events and concerts are bn hold with holograms which is awesome; meaning we just have to wait a little longer, hopefully not decades for the holograms to take over VG…I’m pretty sure everyone wants to see their VGs with this amazing feature…(Kj: “fiction and reality may be altered forever. “) but is going to be totally worth it…not only your dreams since you were a child would become true, but the hole fictions that’s going to develop in the games is going to be out of this world!….


  2. Holograms are in there experimental stage. but when
    they become popular; it will be like baseball in the 60s. only ganormas!


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