Assassin’s Creed 3: The Ultimate Wishlist

Real Talk By: Vex

Amongst my peers it’s no secret that assassin’s creed is in my top 3 favorite games of all time. Now this does mean that the game has no flaws? Matter of fact, it could use some improvements. These changes are for both single and multiplayer parts of the game. Now as we draw near to the fourth console version of the series, I would like to discuss some much-needed improvements.

First let us focus on the single player. While there has been welcomed action added to the single player part of the game, the difficulty has seemed to have faded somewhat. Though the first Creed was the most boring of the series it also contained portions that haven’t been matched yet. The addition of new weapons assistance from town’s people as well as on call assassins seems to have shaved the difficulty found earlier in the series.

Second in my peeve list would have to be cutting down on repetition. Don’t have us doing the same type of missions we’ve done in the other games. Just because it’s a different environment and people, doesn’t mean it won’t become utterly boring. Everything from the escort missions to having to rebuild a city’s economy. I’m an assassin, not a business major. We want to feel more like that, not glorified errand boys.

Last but not least is the give and take factor. Give us options to customize assassinations, finishing moves and what-not. The combat has improved but too much emphasis has been placed on things that feel more like chores. We do not want to waste time making bombs, take that away. They took away tower defense, so hopefully being a chemist will also be removed.

The multi-player while fun, could use a coat of paint as well. Starting with servers or improved net-code. It is frustrating trying to connect to a match with friends. Solo not so much, but with buddies you can read a book and do some spring cleaning before you can find a connection.

Another frustration that I’ve shared with friends is level matching. How is it that I have prestige twice and  forced to play with and against people who barely just got the game? There have been times I get matched up against people who are level twenty prestige and have no chance because my team is made up of level fives and tens. Frustrating is the most calm way to express it, but this game can go from the most fun you’ve ever had to a kick in the 6@!$.

Then there are those times when you can connect and the levels seem fine. Until some cheap punk with Templar vision and a gun kills you camping from a roof. Certain abilities should be either taken out from certain game types or just completely out the entire game. There are far too many to detail but I am sure Ubisoft has forums full of information on how cheap certain people can be.

There are things not mentioned in this article that have all ready been addressed in interviews such as graphical, narrative and control improvements. I mentioned in a previous article my concern for the yearly releases of Creed and the effect it might have on the quality. The interviews I’ve seen to date have addressed certain issues, but I hope they also get a chance to discuss the ones I have presented today. If you’re a diehard Creed fan like myself then, you’re probably sold on part 3 all ready, but let us not get into the Call of Duty curse of quantity over quality.

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2 thoughts on “Assassin’s Creed 3: The Ultimate Wishlist

  1. I wanted the game to take place in china. I think it would be cool to play as a ninja assassin. Ninja gaidens multi player didn’t exactly fullfill my wish.


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