Play Legit is Here

The site has been completely redesigned. All the mysterious tweets and re-tweets have been revealed. 4/6/12 is finally upon us. Hopefully the presentational changes will make for easier navigation and a more fluid read overall.

Amazingly drawn by Legit Squad member Steph-O, were proud to introduce the newest member of the family:

Lil MoFo

Our mascot represents the site in a big way. We play games intensely, and keep it real.

I look forward to the future of Legitimate Gaming. Real Talk has indeed evolved in the place designed by the people, for the people.

Stay Legit,


3 thoughts on “Play Legit is Here

  1. Wow dog, this site is poppin’! Aren’t you gonna get slammed with the domain change tho? You guys had a good set of indexing with that url… ah but redirects should stabilize with the google gods soon enough.

    Hey, we need a writeup/review (and YOU GUYS) to hit us up on our new ‘secret weapon’ that lets us write backlinks to your content for you. Just by running this new video game tile.

    The FIRST Blogging Video Game….EVER!

    Let me know whatcha guys think, its only cost me a bit over $20k and 4 months to develop the thing. (Yes, your squad qualifies!… Beta gets the benefits others will ‘NEVER’ have when we go gold June 1st. Lemme know, holla!

    Oh and are you goin to E3 this year?

    DJG (That GameGuideDog Guy)…


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