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This Month’s Gaming News (April Fools)

Check out the news for the month of April.

Fighter’s Unlocked

Capcom plans to unlock the 12 Fighters now on the Street Fighter x Tekken Disk for all of its loyal customers. Its seems that the company has seen the light and understands. People have bills and other obligations, so this a great gesture. Capcom decided it was time to Make good and release the characters its amazing fans have already purchased. The costume pack pricing remains unchanged, but its a step in the right direction if you ask us.

Asura’s Wrath Is Hitting the Silver Screen

It’s known that Asura’s Wrath has flashy gameplay and several stylistic movie-like elements. Capcom is re-releasing the game as a feature-length film. Removing the gameplay and keeping the cut scenes. Select theaters will show the game/movie hybrid in 3D. It’s really going to add a new dimension to the well-loved series. The DLC adventures are expected to be included in the movies’ sequel. AMC will be doing a Heavy Rain/Azura’s Wrath double feature. Hollywood is stepping their game up.

Brink 2 Announced

While Brink was panned by many fans and reviewers alike, Bethesda has seen tons of potential within its parkour shooter that remains untapped. Brink 2 looks to be more story driven, explaining the Ark in more detail. Dedicated servers and eye-popping visuals await those that take the plunge. A beta is expected early next year allowing for 36 players online.




  1. Brink @ oh yeah I can’t wait to be #$#%# in my #$#$# again.SIKE ! Everyone who worked should be dealt with by Nino Brown.


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