Asura’s Wrath (Pissed Off) Review

Real Talk By: Amir

This is The master of The Road: Amir here, talking about this interesting title Asura’s Wrath. So first off  it was hard to get my hands on this game as it flew off the shelves at my local GameStop. Capcom set this title off right with amazing artwork on the cover, great demo and a unique story to boot. You would think this title should be a fun play. I went into more detail than usual about getting the game. The reason was to drag on the point that this title really did let me down.  This is a rental or a pre-owned title at best. Let me explain.

Skipped buying it because the title had all the short game symptoms I worry about. Excessive cut scenes and limited gameplay. An overall feeling that its going to be like Heavy Rain. So it took me 8 hours of constant play on the hardest mode to complete this game, open the gallery up and see all the fun stuff. Felt pretty good spending 5 bucks on it instead of $59.99.

This game is simply great to look at. Good story and amazing load times for something so pretty. One of my main criticisms is that its more cut scene than a game. The gameplay was phoned in. Press this button over and over to do pretty attacks and get your burst meter up. The times that you were playing, disappointed. Segments were easy and kinda boring. Literally you are led on a path that’s very hard to lose. I made popcorn there were so many cut scenes. Some gamers wont mind the auto pilot approach to the game, but 60 dollar games are meant to be played in my book.

Honestly I don’t believe people should have to pay for games that are giant movies filled with endless cut scenes. You get popped into gameplay for a good 7-15 mins of uninterrupted work, before you are subjected to watching more cut scenes. Its Heavy Rain all over again but at least its sort of fun. They could have spent more time making the game more interactive, than hold square to destroy stuff. If this game was 20 dollars it would be worth the amount for the artwork and the unique colors in Hi Def. Other than that, I would highly suggest if you want a game that you can play and play over again skip this title. Even on its hardest setting  just can’t see the player getting much replay value out of Asura.

So in closing this game is fun if you like movies that you can do something with every once in a while. Easy gameplay on its hardest setting. A solid story with a very amazing art style, that is a must watch in 1080p. Play the demo and get a good look at how the game plays. Decide for yourself.

Asura’s Wrath Gets 


Out of five

What’s Legit?

+Graphics are amazingly designed

+Story is unique

+”Too legit to quit” is a trophy if you are forced to continue after dying

What’s Perpetrating?

-The gameplay presents No challenge

-It’s a 60 Dollar Movie

2 thoughts on “Asura’s Wrath (Pissed Off) Review

  1. i knew it ….i knew it..I……..knew Capcom would pull this crap once i played the demo. Great review dude. This site rocks btw. You just saved me sixty bucks bro, I can get waisted on a ounce of dank after a number two at popeyes and go watch a movie at Imax followed by a happy ending massage at maddam greens for sixty….smh


  2. I agree with your review, I didn’t buy it either after playing the demo. But, Heavy Rain was very good in it’s own way. Asura is definitely a good story mixed with the wrong genre. It should’ve copied GOW instead of HR.


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