Shoot Many Robots Review

Real Talk By: Knowledge (DJ Johnson)

Once again, Ubisoft has brought to us another instant classic with their new side-scroller titled “Shoot Many Robots.” Starting March 13th this game will be available first for PSN, the next day on XBLA and PC. The people at Demiurge Studios have teamed up with the gaming giant Ubisoft to make a fun and fasted paced classic run and shoot game, that will have you talking with a country accent involuntarily before you even know it.

It’s the robot apocalypse and P. Walter Tugnut (Yes that is his real name) seems to be the only one who knew it was coming. There’s not much of a storyline or back story, as is the case with most shoot ‘em up games, but who needs all that when you can put a beer drinking hat on your head, a fully automatic rifle in your hand and jetpack on your back? As soon as the player jumps into the game, they’ll begin to shoot these chainsaw equipped robots while larger machines start hijacking your house and truck. But you still have a mobile home that serves as your headquarters where you can equip and buy a multitude of clothes, weapons and accessories that seem to be limitless.

Each weapon and piece of clothing have their own special attributes and their own little comical element to them so there is some strategy to how you build up your character. The point system for buying these weapons and clothes is “nuts” that are dropped from the robots you killed. The player can buy their bolts in the form of real currency if they don’t want to work for it. We miss you cheat codes.

What makes this game even more fun, is the Co-op game play. According to Demiurge, they were going for a “co-opetition” feel with this where, you and your friends either locally or on XBL, compete against each other in the game to see who can get the most robot kills and get the most nuts by the end of the level. With many levels and great backgrounds the co-op is a fantastic game where you can get your friends together and have fun for a long while. My only problem with this game is the variety of enemies that you see. It seems like you are shooting the same robots over and over and the bosses don’t seem to change either.

Overall this is a great party shooter that has depth in its combat and visuals. For your Ten dollars you can get good mileage out of this one. With Plenty of item combinations, you can really make Tugnut your own.

Shoot Many Robots Gets


Out of five

What’s Legit?

+Good Ol’ Fashioned Killin’ Robot Fun

+Many Levels and Good background design

+More Guns, Accessories and Clothes than you can shake a stick at

+Co-op is implemented well

What’s Perpetrating?

-Lack of variety in enemies

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