Pritect Sensor Cover for Kinect Tech Review (Now $9.99)

Real Talk By: Amir

The Pritect Sensor Cover is as it sounds. It’s a fitted plastic that goes over your Kinect to protect from dust and prying eyes. Yes I did say prying eyes. It’s assumed that the device is an evil conspiracy to watch into your homes or that’s what concerned parents think. So in short this accessory protects the Kinect from dust and blocks its camera from the possibility of taking any video of you. If you have a Kinect, you know it can do 3D facial recognition. So what stops the device from watching you doing what ever it is that you do?

With the hacking of the Playstation network awhile back where the hackers took control of everything, who is to say the same can’t happen to the Xbox network. Catalyst components made this plastic piece that fits over the kinect and does not block the sound function so you can still search talk to your Xbox. Truly its a simple device if you want to keep some functionality. Sound and calibration remain unchanged. The price has been fixed to a much more reasonable $9.99. Whether you would unplug the kinect or put a book in front of the sensor, it simply will not protect the lens as this gadget does. So I leave it to you unplug, or defeat the man. If you go this route, you will Pritect your Kinect with style.

Legit Facts about the Gadget:

It does protect the lens from dust particles

You can keep the sound functionality

It slips right on and off

Does not interfere with your calibration it just covers the lens

Now $9.99

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