SSX Review

Real Talk By: KJ

This SSX reboot looks to bring the series to the next generation. Formally a member of the EA Sports Big Brand, SSX has over the top tricks and arcade style action. Just like its predecessors, the player will go down dangerous slopes while racing against others. You’ll still ride against the worlds best NPC’s, but never real people. Remember Trials HD’s Innovative multiplayer, that would allow the person to compete against a ghost? It’s just like that. Now its several other Caspers on-screen at a time. EA gives the player a feeling of multiplayer, even though it truly isn’t there. It worked well in Trials, but that game was also 15 bucks.

The cool thing is even when you’re not at your system, friends can still try to best your performances. They could lose to your score while your out parting somewhere. You will still earn points without even touching the controller. Direct deposit at its finest. Points can be used to get different costumes and more valuable gear. Characters will be unlocked once their beaten in 1 on 1 races. Each with their own strengths and weaknesses. When competing against folks on your friends list, we highly suggest selecting the best boarder to fit with the course. A character that specializes in strength wont always workout in a race.

Never has wardrobe been a major factor in a snowboarding game. Certain stages will need faster boards, that’s no surprise. Other Mountains are so high, that they need oxygen tanks to make it through. Watch your oxygen levels, or the boarder will pass out. A glider can be unlocked helping you get across normally unreachable areas. Its fun going back with your new stuff and demolishing the older scores. Some courses will be layered in ice. Purchase the right Ice Picks, because low-grade ones will quit on you, causing the player to slip off course. There’s all kinds of gadgets in the title, that help add a  layer of realism.

Deadly Descents are the boss levels of each sector. Your not racing anyone, just trying to stay alive. In any other mode, SSX lets the player rewind when making a mistake. The only punishment would be a point score deduction. In Descents mode, you get three rewinds and that’s it. Your reflexes will be put to the test. All kinds of obstacles await. Upgrade or die. It certainly has an action movie vibe to it. Even the music takes a serious tone.

SSX gives the single player a solid amount to do. Great customization options and level design. EA can sugar-coat the online experience however they would like. Plain and simple, it’s not here. No split screen even. It’s a cool concept , but the way this game was designed it’s practically begging for true multiplayer. What’s in place works, but it can never be a substitute for real live competition. For 60 dollars, we feel it’s a little to high. Wait a bit to hit the slopes.

SSX Gets


Out of five

What’s Legit?

Well designed Courses

Special items to complete levels spices up the gameplay

What’s Perpetrating?

-No true Multiplayer in a game that screams for it

-Online Pass (Why?)

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