What WWE ’13 Needs to Succeed

Real Talk By: KJ (Kris Jones)

WWE ’12 Took big Improvements to its game engine, but other important details might have been left. Some concepts should make a comeback. As a fan of these games since PS1, I’ve been through the ups and downs of the franchise. Here is a list below of  much-needed inclusions into WWE ’13. These ideas could really make this an undisputed killer-app.

 Presentation Updates

While its possible to do manually, there’s something about a game recognizing who the current champion is without the player lifting a finger. Also, if a Wrestler makes a slight gimmick switch, it would be great if the game would emulate the changes. R-Truth has his theme music again, and is out of his mind. Cody Rhodes new theme music, no mask default, exc. ’12 shows Mark Henry coming to the stage almost jumping for joy, but any person (or Little Jimmy) that watches Smackdown on a weekly basis would surely disagree. WWE’12 really felt like you were in control of a broadcast, so keeping the game to date with the current TV show would add to the realism.

Classic Matches

2K Sports took retro to a whole new level with their basketball brand, while opening my mind to the possibilities of change. The presentation of the “NBA’s Greatest” amazed gamers. From grainy black and white games in the 60’s, all the way to the 90’s with accurate commentary detailing the players of their particular eras. Teaching us a little about the players outside of their profession was a nice touch as well. Why not carry out these features into a WWE Classics mode. Legends of Wrestlemania was a small attempt, but I believe THQ could really expand. Macho Man Vs Ricky Steamboat, Rock Vs Austin, Billy Graham Vs Bob Backlund, and so on. 2K raised the bar, and THQ should use their example as a blue-print.

More Match Types

One thing about WWE that hasn’t changed, is the company’s crazy matches. Outside of the Ladder, Royal Rumble, Cage, Chamber, Cell, Inferno, Scramble, there’s plenty more. The Punjabi Prison was a brutal bamboo cage match that had several layers within it. This could be an exciting obstacle to escape if designed properly.

The Texas bull rope match is another brutal one because, the two competitors always have a weapon at their disposal. This play type would see each person fighting over the cowbell in a tug of war style mini game, giving the person with the bell the advantage. Being able to reenact Eddie and JBL’s classic match is always a welcomed plus, or even Orton blasting good ol’ Dusty with the bell again.


We enjoyed WWE All-stars, as a party game and as a fighting experience. What made it fun was figuring out its hidden complexities, that made it feel like a different game. While both titles stand alone great, one advantage we would give to All-stars is in the graphics department. WWE ’12 did improve its visuals, but we feel as if the leap could have been a little stronger. UFC Undisputed 3 is looking mighty fine. If Yukes could bring in visuals of that quality, on top of the sensational predator physics present, nuff said.

What would you include into WWE ’13?

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