Redbox: The Pros and Cons for Gamers

Real Talk By: Vex

Like most americans, I game on a budget. Once all the blockbusters were shut down in my area, I was left with no local way to rent videogames. So once Redbox announced they were renting games you could imagine the relief felt. Upon seeing the games available, lets just say there was the feeling of disappointment. Then I thought, we’ll they are new to this so it might take a while for a substantial selection to build. Truth be told, they did improve rapidly and so did consumer awareness. Pretty soon it was difficult to find the game desired because someone else beat me to the punch. Started going on-line and using the reserve system, but even then sometimes my location didn’t have the desired game available.

It seems to me they had thought about everything that could possibly go wrong until my latest visit. Went thru the usual process of paying for the game and bringing it home. Eager to play, tore that case open like a rabid dog and then started actually foaming at the mouth like one. Was so mad I could scream,  couldn’t believe there was a stupid piece of paper on top of a blank CD. What in the world? Some fool is ripping off Redbox.

Then proceeded to call Redbox immediately. This is the point where you would expect customer service to make the customer feel as if it was all going to be all right. The fool on the phone not only questioned whether I was responsible, but then ordered me to immediately return the game to the kiosk. Mr. Vex doesn’t take kindly to such treatment after spending money, so I proceeded to ask him the most important question at hand. What about my money? The goof asked me if I would like codes for discounts on additional rentals. This is when mild-mannered Vex turned into the image of fear.

After having expressed my distaste in his behavior thru the exercise of free speech, he offered a full refund that would take seven days to process. I had vowed never to use Redbox again. Wasn’t surprised at the behavior of the person on the phone, nor do I lack the knowledge to know he is trained not only to resolve the issue while creating a potential sale. His douchbag tone of accusation is what triggered me to react. Days later, seeing that the kiosk was open with an RB employee working, meant a little time for me to voice my displeasure. Long story short this lady and I had a one hour conversation concerning the BS. Not only did she leave me with a handful of free rentals, but also apologized on behalf of the company.

Truth be told, wasn’t expecting anything except to express my distaste, but instead walked away with a renewed interest in Redbox. My anger had me judging an entire corporation based on one douche stealing and another one sucking at his job. But in reality, to be such a new company at game rentals they aren’t doing too bad. Like any business they have a couple of things to learn through trial and error. As long as the game line up continues to grow along with some improvements in customer service, Redbox seems to headed in the right direction.

What’s Legit?

The game library has grown rapidly.

There is no monthly fee for renting games, its 2 dollars per day.

What’s Perpetrating?

Not enough copies of popular games are placed at each kiosk.

Customer service department needs better training when handling fraud.

Needs banners at kiosk to remind customers to check game and movie cases before leaving the kiosk.

2 thoughts on “Redbox: The Pros and Cons for Gamers

  1. and this is why i miss working at the video game store. i could play whatever, whenever and if it was good buy it. now im to the point where i have to see a 5/5 review to even consider it. it’s sad really. at least i have good friends to let me know when im missing out on an odd title. sad.


  2. I am not a fan of renting games ………… because i have been shafted so many times with scratched disks…. that’s why I’m more a fan of downloaded content…


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