Captain Commando (SNES) Retro Review

Real Talk By: Ms. Throwback

Captain Commando is a side-scrolling beat-em-up game originally developed for arcade systems. The version I played and am reviewing is on the Super Nintendo platform, however the game was also released later as a classic on many other systems including Playstation 2 and Xbox and in general are all the same title. This is an original Capcom title, a developer who over the years has become arguably one of the best in the business and even then was making ground breaking games. This is one to be added to the category of greatness.

From the moment I booted this game up I was excited. Mostly it was all the familiar sounds that brought me back to the days when a certain drum tone in a game could make or break it. It’s always a form of art when you’re making music of any kind but, when you’re making music on an arcade platform with extremely little sound variables to work with in the first place, and you make is sound good, that’s genius. This game gets it all right from the start. each stage has its own unique hardcore song and the sound effects are very good. I’m sure it’s hard to imagine for a younger gamer that didn’t experience these things first hand but for myself I imagine a little 12-year-old me wanting to invite all my friends to my house just to hear dudes getting punched out in the street.

Another amazing aspect of this game is the two-player co-op mode which never gets old. Two players only betters the gameplay taking out large amounts of enemies on the screen with special moves. Each character of the game has their own unique move depending on the character you choose, It can be fun just trying to decide which character better suits you.

The biggest negative I hear when bringing up Captain Commando is that it’s a terrible remake of Final Fight, a game released earlier by the same company. I can see how people would feel this way due to the fact that Captain Commando does have an easier difficulty setting overall than Final Fight did, however, I sometimes have a lot more fun playing Captain Commando as opposed to final fight simply due to the more reasonable difficulty setting. I can enjoy the game more when I’m not getting completely irritated.  When it boils right down to it Final Fight and Captain Commando are very similar, although I personally don’t feel that the fact that they are, takes any of the fun out of Captain Commando.

I do have to take a jab at Capcom by wondering why this game, that was originally released in 1991 in the Arcades, had no graphical upgrades by the time it was on more powerful consoles almost five years later. Capcom obviously holds Captain Commando near and dear to their hearts seeing as how they brought the Captain back in the Marvel vs. Capcom series later and featured him on numerous game covers throughout the years. I feel like for a character they hold so dear it could have, and should have, at least had a refreshing graphical upgrade. This was a big miss on the part of Capcom and maybe also part of the reason not too many people remember Captain Commando outside of his Marvel vs. Capcom appearances.

While similar titles had been made before this one, it still holds true to the classic and fun beat-em-up formula, and therefore remains a favorite in my heart. It also seems to remain a favorite in the heart of Capcom a fact I only wish they would’ve realized by revitalizing it for one of the many consoles they released it on throughout the years. it seems that while classically it’s a title everyone should try, it may be one of the biggest missed opportunities for a focused series in Capcom history. Nevertheless Captain Commando is a cool collected game and a must play for someone searching for a classic co-op.


Captain Commando (SNES) Gets


Out of five


One thought on “Captain Commando (SNES) Retro Review

  1. interesting, sounds like maybe i picked the wrong version to play huh? i might check out the playstation version just to see the differences…too bad SNES didn’t have four controllers huh? although i do remember like two or three games being four player and you had to buy some kind of strange multiplayer adapter thing lol. thanks for the info though, good stuff.


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