Diss or Download #1

Real Talk By: KJ

In this inaugural edition of Diss or Download, We will be looking at Three games NFL Blitz, Amy and Pushmo. They are all under the microscope. Are these titles worth your hard-earned cash in the slow month of January?

NFL Blitz is a game that has much love surrounding it. Now that EA is behind the wheel, did they do it justice? Yes they did. Madden Arcade this is thankfully not. There’s Several moves and mechanics that make it feel as if it never went away. EA did every thing right, it’s the league itself that nerfed the experience. Late hits have been removed due to NFL tightening down on defensive plays. The developers still packaged a great amount of fun into the game, but I can understand if some cant get around this foolish late hit omission.


Amy is a Survival Horror game Available for XBLA now and PSN next week. This game has several different gameplay elements inside, but doesn’t seem to get any right. The Enemy A.I is pathetic and the controls are even worse. The combat system is atrocious and it stays at a fixed camera that makes it hard to judge distances during a fight. At least the main character models are pretty well detailed. Several Moments of trial and error make the experience frustrating, especially since everything is poorly explained. Simple things like you know, your main objective. Due to the games slow pace and scarce checkpoints, it’s a absolute pain to go back if you die. There’s no real reward for the people who make it through the 6 chapters, just suffering. It was a cool concept of teaming the two through this mysterious outbreak, but that’s as far as its goes with Amy. Save your ten dollars.


Pushmo is a must grab for 3DS owners, with is brilliant level design and usage of 3D, this is a steal in the E-Shop. Hopefully this is the start of something special for Nintendo’s young downloadable lineup. The great thing is its 7 bucks and its easy for anyone to jump in and play while still demanding the player to put their mental powers to use. Crush 3D had better look out, because Pushmo pushes hard.


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