Shinobi Review

Real Talk By: KJ

SEGA’s Ninja franchise Continues in the 3DS exclusive Shinobi. Back on a 2D plane, Shinobi also brings the difficulty back from its golden era. Genesis fans should buy this game without hesitation. This whole game feels like a love letter for those diehard fans. As far as everyone else is concerned, lets just say its a good thing there’s different difficulty levels available. Even on Beginner though, the player will have to be on full guard.

Hitting the right shoulder button is very useful in this game. Timing the button right allows Jiro to deflect incoming attacks. If you become really good at it, you can block almost anything. Thats the challenging part, there’s always so much going on the screen at a time, it’s really hard to accomplish. If you can though, you’ll earn more points than normal turning on multipliers that make Jiro even stronger. The risk is worth the reward.

The visuals look like a regular DS game a lot of times, so they left a lot to be desired on that front. I will say the art direction is stylish and the Numerous Anime cut-scenes that accompany each level, are legit. The controls at first may seem difficult to, but once the game runs its course, you’ll feel like a ninja.

The level variety is fantastic. There’s always something amazing going on. Fighting on Horseback in 3D, on top of a Fighter jet, Moving Cars, etc. It has that big movie feel at times. Unlockables include cheats, Concept art, and Other stuff I would rather not spoil. Special street-pass challenges await the player if they have the coin. Also adding to the replay value is, well, the replay viewer. with this you can record and watch yourself clearing a level. See what you did right, see what went wrong. It’s all there to better your inner ninja.

It really doesn’t matter the difficulty you play it on, There’s solid length to it regardless. Figuring out your enemies and Bosses and applying the knowledge to get through each level is the real challenge, but its a rewarding challenge. This is what these games were about back then. As far as that goes Shinobi flies high.

If you want A Legitimate challenge, Don’t look any further. Shinobi brings a modern art style but the rest is all retro. No casual gamers aloud. While some people may find that disappointing, the old school gamer in me just cracked a smile.

Shinobi Gets MF MF MF MF out of five

What’s Legit?

+Level Design

+Solid amount of extras

+Cool Anime Cut-scenes

What’s Perpetrating?

-Graphics need work

-Many will slam their DS’ from the difficulty

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