Epic Things We’re Looking Forward To in 2012

Real Talk By: KJ

Its going to be a crazy year. Several Games will arrive demanding your time, and that’s just counting the ones delayed from 2011. Here’s a tiny list of  events we believe will alter time and space itself for the better. TLR 2012: Let the games begin.

5. John Cena vs The Rock at Wrestlemania 28

It is a heavily hyped match-up that will surely headline this years Wrestlemania. Booked a whole year in advance, John Cena and The Rock look to finally lock up this April. Several viral videos see The Rock verbally skewering Cena setting up the match. Cmack and I will be watching the madness that ensues. Will You?

4. Max Payne 3

Its the third chapter in the tragic tale of Max Payne. This title will surely bring it in the graphics department and unique Bullet-time gameplay, thats been copied a million times at this point. Rockstar always seems to raise expectations and take chances that work out. Here’s hoping Max’s Third adventure will be no different.

3. Mass Effect 3

Your Commander Shepard is entering the so-called final adventure in Mass Effect 3. With added Multiplayer features and deeper customization, BioWare looks to grab the RPG crown from Skyrim. The Elder Scrolls have held many TLR members of this site hostage for a while, so hopefully this can break the chains that bind.

2. PS Vita

This Powerful handheld had everyone amazed at last year’s E3, now its time for it to be shared with the world. With visuals coming close to the power of a PS3, the Vita is going to be stiff competition for Nintendo in February. The launch window already has Ninja Gaiden, Little Big Planet, A all new Uncharted adventure and Marvel Vs Capcom 3 1/2.

1. The Avengers/Dark Knight Rises

We have been anticipating both films for years. I blame Hollywood. The build up for The Avengers has been bittersweet. Watching all these movies (The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 1&2, Thor, Captain America) knowing in the back of your mind they were just a set up for the future. Finally the future is now for both films. Batman will reach his greatest challenge physically and mentally in the powerful villain known as Bane. I wonder if Bane will snap Batman’s spine as he did in the comics. Either way, both of these movies need to get here.

PS: Were Looking forward to the Wii U as well, there’s just already a lot of coverage about it on the site. Thanks.

4 thoughts on “Epic Things We’re Looking Forward To in 2012

  1. all i saw was mass effect 3 and my heart started racing, we might need to do like a whole staff review on that one with all of us together. im pretty sure this 3rd one is using save data from the 2nd game if you played it and i lost my boyfriend in the battle to the end! i was so mad. i would’ve had to play the whole darn thing over to fix it too and i wasn’t about to do that so my game is gonna start out something crazy seeing as how i involved myself so well with a character that ended up exploding into space. AND PLEASE GOD DON’T LET IT BE THE FINAL ONE, GO ON FOREVER AND EVER!


  2. I can’t say for sure if this will come out in 2012, but whenever it does come out, I will be all over it. I try not to get too worked up over trailers, but I’m geeking hard on this.

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  3. I mean, you know, they need SOMETHING to focus their unbridled energy and creativity on after making one of the coolest video game franchises of all time.

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