Sonic Generations Review

Real Talk By: KJ

In celebration of the blue hog, Sega has released Sonic Generations to commemorate 20 years of getting gold. This title takes old and new and blends them together. Retro sonic and new sonic team up to face a common enemy looking to disorient the space-time continuum. This time the voice acting is serviceable, and the visuals are very sharp. Though i do not have a 3D TV, you can just tell that having one for this game would really stand out. Theres several scenarios in which sonic would surely pop out.

Most of the levels are brought back from the older games. Sonic 1, 2, and even Adventure. The Dreamcast series had to be one of my favorites available at the time, so replaying through it with sharp visuals didn’t seem like a bad idea. Here’s the deal. Not only do you experience the levels from the camera angle you remember, but you’ll go back and play through it again with retro sonic. Playing as classic sonic on the Sonic Adventure levels from a 2D view is just a cool feature, and adds another level of re-playability.

This is a game that demands it. Your always competing for the best clear time with yourself and your friends. Just like Trials HD, you can attempt to clear levels much faster than the other person. The game has ranked matches where you do this, but you don’t actually race against anyone at the same time. Sonic 2 on PSN/XBLA offers that feature, I was hoping this would be the same. I’m sure generations 2 will add in the extras and with this being a discounted price from the start I can’t complain too much.

The boss fights while entertaining, are pretty easy. Overall this game isn’t one of the most difficult sonic experiences around. That whole trip down memory lane aspect is great, but maybe the difficulty could have matched a little better. Again the true challenge comes from you. Trying to better your level completion score. This will extend the life of the game upon completion.

Sonic G, is great for the kids, and anyone that played intensely in the 90’s. All of the sights and sounds will put a smile on your face. SEGA keep sonic like this. Make it a little harder and Mario will have to get out-of-the-way. This is a highlight reel you’ll want to experience. The right price tag for the experience you get. Plus, my voice is in the game, so what other reason do you need to play it?

Sonic Generations Gets


Out of five

What’s Legit?


+Great Level Design that Caters to the Old and new sonic fans

What’s Perpetrating?

-Boss Battles are too easy

-No True multiplayer

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