There’s plenty of games that are underrated, Some are just plain trash. Titles that should be buried next to ET in the phantom zone. We at Play Legit are the first to inform when a title is garbage but in the same token, we will defend a game that doesn’t deserve all of the hate. Here is a list of games panned by several folks, but we didn’t find them that bad at all.

Vex’s Pick: Dark Sector (Average Score 72%)

Dark Sector is the game that I like, but for some reason the reviews acted like they were playing Barney’s bed-time sing alongs for the Atari. There were several mixed reviews about this game due mostly to its multi-player and some flaws in the campaign that could easily be overlooked, especially considering the early time in this gen it was released.I will agree the multi-player was unnecessary. The campaign on the other hand had a tight story with third person mechanics that where enhanced via the glaive on the protagonist “Hayden Tenno”. The game not only had varied visuals for the levels, but some great set pieces for the boss fights. Many of the complaints stemmed from repetitive enemies to having a simple economic system that allows Hayden to purchase black market weapons. Over-all I found the story to be a great and the graphics to be well polished. The hate that this game got was just in style at the time, kind of like skinny jeans, but just like skinny jeans it doesn’t make it right. This game is a steal now at local retailers for 7 bucks and would definitely be worth it.

KJ’s Pick: Kane & Lynch 2 Dog Days (Average Score 63%)

People really went too hard on this title. The game has great visuals, including a special filter never seen before in gaming. This made the game look like a Michael Mann flick and added an extra layer of grit making the player feel nasty as they put in work. Much needed in my opinion considering your robbing banks and popping police throughout. There were some seriously graphic parts too, that really pushed the envelope. It evolved some razors and ill leave you with that. Playing split screen coop was some solid fun. Brought it to Cmack’s to play, he immediately rented the game after I left his facility. Underrated and Under-appreciated to say the least. Generally you can get Kane and Lynch Dog Days for 15 bucks used and for that price, you will not regret it action fans.

Ms Throwback’s Pick: Need For Speed: The Run (Average score 67%)

Need for Speed is one of those games at this point that has become so repetitive and irrelevant that most of us don’t even take a second look when we see a new one coming out. I remember working as a manager at Game Crazy (when it existed) and a new Need for Speed would launch, I could almost always call it before the person walked in if they were going to buy Need for Speed. It was some sad teenager with his hat sideways driving recklessly up to the front of the store in a souped up Honda Civic. Never the less I would sell him the game, knowing I would not see the child again until another Need for Speed came out. I would even have people trade in one Need for Speed for another one, over and over again. What was the appeal I would wonder. I knew what it wasn’t, that was for sure, none of us wanted to turn into that poor teenager.

Needless to say when I took my cousin in to buy Need for Speed: The Run, I wondered what I’d gotten myself into. surprisingly by the end of the night I was having more fun than I’d had in a long time. Sure the story line is stupid, but if that bothered anyone why would Fast and the Furious still be a box office hit? The answer is simple, people watch Fast and Furious for half-naked girls and amazingly ridiculous driving scenarios, not for the acting. It’s the same with Need for Speed. We play them for the cop chases, or for the easy to master controls, and maybe for a crazy cut-scene here and there. We forget all about the idiotic antics of the game and go back to the reason we all loved NFS to begin with, because it was fun. Need for Speed: The Run gets the formula right and I really appreciated it. Metascore gives this game a 67 out of 100 but I would switch those numbers around to a 76. It’s defiantly a good used game to pick up just to play when friends are over for some good laughs and solid multiplayer challenges.

Cmack’s Pick: Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage (Average score 59%)

I’ve been told that critics didn’t shine favorably upon the Koei-created Fist of the North Star, Ken’s Rage. Aside from it getting a lukewarm review on Metacritic, it was slammed by the anti-Koei biased people. Despite being a nearly lifelong fan of the series, making me somewhat biased myself, I can tell you with certainty that Ken’s Rage is a massive leap forward for games following the Dynasty Warriors-type layout, and if nothing else shows that the Dynasty Warriors set-up can be tweaked and altered for other franchises (there was never a whole lot new added with the Dynasty Warriors Gundam Series). With Ken’s Rage, new physics, types of camera angles, and Quick Time Events were added into the D.W. combat model, showing an effort on Koei’s part to make something new and different.
Many of the boss battles required an intimate knowledge of your enemy’s weaknesses and what techniques to use and demanded more defense and strategy than any other Dynasty Warriors title. Aside from it’s faithfulness to it’s source material, Ken’s Rage features non-online co-op, which is becoming an increasingly rare feature in modern gaming, as well as lengthy and full story modes for each character, and a graphics engine that manages to look great while supporting many enemies onscreen at the same time.

Some things about Ken’s Rage and the Dynasty Warriors set-up in general could change, but calling it “poorly made” simply based on repetitiveness isn’t a legitimate criticism. In video games, it’s often the case that we look for fun in repetitiveness and seeking to perfect how well we can accomplish that task, as long as it’s fun, which Ken’s Rage was and still is. Here’s hoping for a sequel and for the eyes of critics in the future to be opened to the light of the North Star.


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