Ninja Gaiden 3 Collector’s Edition Announcement and Big DOA 5 News

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BURLINGAME, Calif. December 15, 2011 – TECMO KOEI America, a leading publisher of interactive games, today revealed the scheduled ship date, preorder details, and contents of the Collector’s Edition of its upcoming action title, NINJA GAIDEN 3. Developed by Team NINJA, the innovative new installment in the famed core action series will be available on March 20, 2012 for the Xbox 360®video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, with a value-packed NINJA GAIDEN 3 Collector’s Edition available for both console platforms.

NINJA GAIDEN 3 spotlights the series’ beloved Japanese dark hero, Ryu Hayabusa, with an original story developed by famed writer Masato Kato bringing new depth to the game’s intense swordsmanship and hardcore action combat. Led by studio leader Yosuke Hayashi, Team NINJA has crafted the game to immerse players in a new experience as the man, the human being, behind the ultimate ninja’s mask. As well as adding dimension to this mysterious and complex character, the game delivers a heightened intensity during close combat fighting while featuring new competitive and co-op online multiplayer that brings a new experience to the NINJA GAIDEN series. At launch, it will be time for players to pick up the famed Dragon Sword once more to sharpen its blade and hone their skills.

Those who preorder NINJA GAIDEN 3 at GameStop and Amazon will get a special downloadable two-character demo stage from Team NINJA’s upcoming DEAD OR ALIVE 5 fighting game, giving fans an exclusive chance to experience the game’s high quality, high energy action fighting before it arrives in stores in 2012. Meanwhile, the premium NINJA GAIDEN 3 Collector’s Edition offers a truly deluxe package that gives players a chance to play all four characters in the DEAD OR ALIVE 5 demo stage, an exclusive NINJA GAIDEN 3 “Unmask” game art book, soundtrack CD, and a unique “Duel of the Masked” figure not available elsewhere. Collector’s Edition only available at GameStop and EB Games.

At GameStop, players who place a preorder will get access to a downloadable DEAD OR ALIVE 5 demo stage featuring a duel between NINJA GAIDEN’s Hayabusa and DOA’s Hitomi. At Amazon, preorder customers will get a duel between the DOA characters Ayane and Hayate. Purchasers of NINJA GAIDEN 3 Collector’s Edition will be able to play the demo with all four characters.

NINJA GAIDEN 3 is ESRB rated “RP” (Rating Pending) and will carry MSRP $59.99 for the regular edition and $99.99 for the Collector’s Edition.  More details will be shared in the coming months as Team NINJA readies the title for its fans. The game will be published by Tecmo Koei America.

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