NBA 2K12 (Post Patch) Review

Real Talk By: KJ

This years version has a hard act to follow. 2k11 was not only the best sports game of last year, but it was nominated for Game of The Year. Safe to say our expectations are pretty high. Does this years game deliver? Or is it just a cash in? It’s really not hard to sell copies when you have Michael Jordan on the cover, but then there’s Magic Johnson and Larry Bird in the mix too. Nothing but legends have graced the box again. With David Stern and the players making no real progress in the lockout as of this writing, it was a good move by 2k sports to focus around the past.

Speaking of legends, The Jordan challenge has been scrapped for the NBA’s Greatest. In this mode you play a throwback game for each player. The games will take you back to the Wilt chamberlain era, and even all the way back to the 60’s with Bill Russell. Even the commentary sounds old. The whole retro presentation is truly superb. Every star played exactly as they did back then. I’m convinced it is Michael Jordan in the game. It’s really him.

My player mode returns with fewer headaches. Now you start in the pros instantly. You still start off with below average skills, but at least you can relay on solid teammate support until you build yourself up. I think you should start off at least 70 overall. After-all you’re not a college prospect, this is the big leagues. When I can’t make an open lay-up, then i think there’s some flaws that need fixing. Even though progression is slow, the game is so well designed it has an addictive trait to it. If those grievances are addressed in next years version, the mode would be spotless. Having players on your team randomly traded without you having any control needs to go as well. Amare Stoudemire for J’rue Holiday is not a fair deal. The presentation in this mode is also spot on. You engage in post game interviews. Yes you can be a jerk or make admirable comments as well. watch exactly what you say about your teammates though. If your teammate chemisty drops from fowl behavior, expect to receive the ball less. In reality, with NBA’s Greatest and My Player modes, that would be enough for the price tag but we haven’t even mentioned the online yet.

I waited to review this title until the patch arrived hoping that the online would improve. Well,  played an entire game of team up with no one quitting and we were good. Lag was little to none, so naturally i was still open for business. The patch really seamed to help out There’s still random game drops, but its way less frequent. The mode: My Crew suffered from the same issues in a major way. Instead of an improvement, it was cut from this years game. That’s my main issue with 2k12, features have been taken away. Blacktop mode allows for five on five play, but that’s it. No 1on1, 2on2, exc. Also the dunk contest and three-point shootout is absent. The legends DLC pack in December will bring some of those features back, but its lame to hold back modes we’ve been playing for years to justify a 10 dollar download.

Even with those modes removed, NBA 2k12 is absolutely a game that’s worth your time. NBA’s Greatest is stellar, and the graphics continue to impress. Player animations define realism, and the online has been tweaked well enough for now. While this year is another winning addition, here’s hoping the quality doesn’t start to drop. Seeing how NBA Live/Elite is deceased, 2K really needs to bring it next year to earn the mighty dollar again.

NBA 2K12 gets MF MF MF MF M out of five

What’s Legit?

+Player Animations Are very realistic

+Presentation truly shines in NBA’s Greatest Mode

+My player is addictive even through its shortcomings

What’s Perpetrating?

-Features have been stripped

-Online needs to be ready release day. Dedicated servers please.

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