In Tune: Madworld

Real Talk By: KJ

I’m a pretty nice fellow, but a great way to piss me off is to make the foolish statement “The Wii has nothing but kiddie games” (Facepalm). Anyways, This is one of the many Mature rated gems available for Nintendo’s Motion Console. If you haven’t played this game, I highly recommend that you do so. Quote me if you will. To date, this is the most violent game I have ever played. Believe me we play a lot of them, just ask Cmack. With that being said, Please pay attention to this drop of knowledge (ask him too).

In relation to the theme of the In Tune articles, Madworld has been chosen because of its great voice acting and absolutely stellar Background Music. These selected artists (Doujah Raze, OX, S.O.U.L. Purpose, Bandy Leggz, Wordsmith, and Sick Y.G.) Provided this game with a unique song, that matched each level nicely. Say there was a level where your dismembering ninjas, there would be a quality song to accompany the violence.

Not only is this article a way of getting more people to play this amazing brawler, but it’s telling you to listen. Take in the amazing sound quality this game provides. Hey at least the main protagonist Jack will be in Anarchy Reigns. Guess I can use him to own the Wii haters on PSN and XBLA. On a side note Sega, if you port Madworld to the 3DS we wouldn’t complain. Thanks for listening.

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2 thoughts on “In Tune: Madworld

  1. thank god im not the only one that turns into raging fire when someone makes an idiotic comment about the wii. the wii is an amazing console it’s just that hardcore gamers seem to be too scared to swing their wrist around a bit. (and yes people it’s your wrist okay, you don’t have to swing it like the commercials) anyway this is definatly one of the best titles on the console. sometimes im a little scepticle of sega titles but this one takes the cake 🙂


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