War of the Worlds Review

Real Talk By: Lady CM
What happens when a game has more focus on the visual appeal rather than gameplay? Gamers become bored, lose interest. And that was just the case during my play through on The War of the Worlds.  The game is a 2D sidescroller, based on The War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells. Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s along the lines of the 2005 movie, think more of the 1953 movie. It has that vintage feel to it visually and some of the music used when near abandoned apartments has a 50’s sound to it.
You play Arthur Clarke, making your way through the city of London on May 26th, 1953 to find his family. As soon as the game started it gave me the same gameplay feeling I had while playing LIMBO. In the beginning I felt as though I’d enjoy it, as I did LIMBO. Boy was I wrong.
After about the third of eleven chapters I realized my interest was lost. Visually the game is appealing. The colors used pulls you into the story, which is narrated by Patrick Stewart, but neither of those are enough to keep interest in the gameplay itself. At least in my opinion. The game lacks action, lacks adventure. While the puzzle environments are interesting, repeating the same jump here, crouch there, watch out for fire here, the lack of any real gaming action had stolen my interest. Leaving me bored and wanting more.
At certain points throughout the game the shadowing and foreground images obstruct your vision. Not being able to see clearly during those moments can mean the difference between surviving and dying. This isn’t always a problem, as you die and restart right around the area of death. For an example, while trying to avoid the Martians laser that instantly kills anyone in its path, the foreground images of other humans running would block my sight of my character. Leaving me without knowing if I was protected under cover or out in the open.
There were times when the mechanics of the game did not flow with ease. I could repeat the same exact pattern of movements and it is a hit or miss if the Martians were able to kill me. The controls of the game were simple. Walk, sprint or jump, that’s about as simple as you can get. At times I found when I was attempting to jump to the next stage my character would stand there, not jumping. Several button mashes later he’d finally jump.
The War of the Worlds is visually appealing.  If you are looking for more of a story book that you can jump around with rather than a game, then you might enjoy it. Otherwise you’ll be left wanting more just as I was.
War of The Worlds Gets
2 Out of 5
What’s Legit?
+Visual appeal
+Color scheme
+Narration by Patrick Stewart
What’s perpetrating?
-Any real feel of being a part of any action.

It is available for download on XBOX Live Arcade or PlayStation Network.

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