Shadows of The Damned Review

Real Talk by J.Valdez
When you’re tired of the seriousness in the stories of some of today’s games, rest assured you can find a healthy dose of immaturity with shadows of the damned.
Garcia holding out his trusted boner demon gun

You’re name is Garcia Hotspur, a badass demon killer who’s damn good at what he does. Your story starts out when a demon tells you the love of your life is going to die, all while laughing as you shoot him in the face. Not taking chances, you go back to your apartment only to find out that everything the demon said is true. That’s when the demon king comes out to confront you, takes your girl after she kills herself, and drags her to hell while you watch.

I can kind of see why he jumped into hell

How far will you go for love? Garcia takes the plunge without a second thought as to how deep the rabbit hole is. Actually in a show of badassdom he jumps out of a really high building into the closing portal to hell.

Wait didn’t I say this was an immature game? Sounds pretty serious so far. That’s until you find out your guns name is boner, yes. After reaching hell, the fun really begins. Your gun is actually a shape shifting demon named Johnson that can turn into various objects to help you in your ass kicking journey. filled with jokes, puns, making up with alcohol what it lacks in maturity.

The game is in 3rd person, but it didn’t feel right to me. It actually felt unnatural the way you aim and shoot. Even after getting used to it I still slipped up from time to time because of how the controls are usually set up in 3rd person shooters. However once you get passed the norm you see why the controls are set up the way they are.

The graphics look great though, dark and shiny, gore is obviously the decoration of choice as you’ll notice while traveling through hell. There is a good variety of demons and challenges that you’ll encounter during the game. Some interesting conversations between Garcia and Johnson pop up every now and then to keep you entertained.

For a title that I knew very little about, I’d say I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it, I would’ve played more but dead island came out around the time I got this game, and that, being more my style of game, consumed my time more.

Shadows of The Damned gets

4mf4 out of 5.

What’s legit?
+Perfect dose of immaturity, reminds me of playing conkers bad fur day on 64.

What’s perpetrating?
-Controls take a bit of getting used to.
-Loading screens seem pretty long…

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