RocketBirds Review

Real Talk By: KJ

This flash game series, turned console title Rocketbirds, is soaring onto your Playstation 3 today. The evil Penguin forces have Taken over, as a resistance is building. Enter Hardboiled. This Chicken is one bad piece of poultry. You shoot, shoot, and shoot up all the baddies through the single player and coop missions. This side-scroller has really sharp 2D visuals. The gameplay in motion looks as if you’re in control of an animated show. Its odd though, the in-game visuals look better than the cutscenes, but they both are well animated none the less. with visuals aside, is this worth a purchase?

The main story Follows hardboiled chicken across 15 chapters. The main story will take the average person around four hours to complete. The weapons are basic for the most part. MP5’s, Shotguns, pistols, grenades, etc. But there’s a unique weapon that i really enjoyed. I’m talking about the brain bug weapon. Throw a brain bug, and it will stick onto a bird’s brain, giving you full control of their body. You use this tool to traverse through the later stages of the game. Its fun being unnoticed by enemy soldiers, then popping them in the back. when you shoot enemies blood will stick to the wall. The game is mature, don’t let the cartoony visuals fool you.

Controlling the characters, feels kind of stiff though. Another layer of polish could have helped. Its nothing too crucial, but just performing certain moves feels a little harder than it should be. 3D features are available as well. I was rocking the Red-Cyan combo for a few stages. it’s a solid effect, that just makes the game look even more stylish.

The coop is only local. I’m disappointed with that, but the local is actually quite fun. The stages you play through are reworked to accommodate the mode. The game as a whole has a few puzzles, but between this and single player, coop uses them the best. Combat is more enjoyable in this mode as well. The two players can stack on top of each other and spray their weapons in unison. This portion can be beaten around two hours. Rocketbirds has a unique artistic style, and cool puzzles. Wish the coop went online, and the controls were a little tighter. Incredibly close to receiving 4MF’s but just a little short. Still look forward to the next one.

RocketBirds Hardboiled Chicken Gets


out of five

What’s Legit?

+Fresh Art style

+Brain Bugs

+Coop Puzzles

What’s Perpetrating?

-A little on the short side

-Controls could use tweaking

-Coop doesn’t go online

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