Rochard Review

Real Talk By: Vex

Can the first time be a charm? Maybe, Recoil games brings us their first title Rochard, but whats is it? Rochard is a PSN-exclusive game where manipulating gravity and using the G-Lifter (a gravity device used to easily move weighty objects around) are crucial elements for success. This puzzle platformer sinks you into a great setting where your objective is to use object physics to solve puzzles.

Story wise this game is basic but carried by some well crafted “cliche filled” characters with great humor and personality. You star as John Rochard, a space miner with as many one-liners as Leslie Nielsen in the Naked Gun movies. Much like other stories, you are the would be hero who must save himself along with his crew after things go awry. What helps maintain interest in the story are the characters who are voiced by some good voice actors. The voice of Rochard is none other than Mr. John St. John aka. Duke Nukem. To go along with the characters is a well crafted score laced with music that compliments the vibe set by the characters. All this is great, but is the gameplay up to par?

Yes sir… kind of? The game delivers with a mix of familiar and new. It reminds you of Shadow complex at times, but delivers new elements thanks to the weapons at your disposal. The gravity and object physics can be used beyond puzzle solving, and can be applied as defense against enemies. Tho’ it does the puzzles well the games gun suffers during combat later on in the game. Later on in the game when the difficulty picked up the combat felt slightly clunky but not frustrating enough to make it un-bearable. The emphasis of the game lies in the puzzles which is not a bad thing as you traverse this great looking game.

This game has a stylish cartoon like style that looks well polished. For ten dollars this game is a steal and is currently a PSN exclusive. Though there are many other games out there right now to fill your time, Rochard is one I would suggest to fill your time whenever you want a break from your sixty dollar titles.

Rochard Gets


4 out of 5

What’s Legit?

+ This game has more polish than a car wash. You can see the amount of care the developer put into this game, from the puzzles to graphics.

What’s Perpetrating?

Combat could use a little touch up. This game needs better promotion. Tell a friend…If it wasn’t for KJ this game wouldn’t have existed in my universe.


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