Supremacy MMA Review

Real Talk By: KJ

505’s version of MMA is great on paper. Take the rules away, and add a layer of grit to the title. You know like Def Jam fight for new york, or the modern classic (sarcasm) Fight Club game. The places you’ll fight in are strong in numbers, wish i could say the same for the fighters. Other than Jens Pulver, there’s no other big names evolved (why is he not on the game cover? This has me banging my head on the coffee table). I was actually present  for Jens’ retirement fight, and im aware of what he did for the sport. Can even Jens’ presence in the game help?

While there is only a handful of fighters, they have their own move-sets. The controls are no way shape or form casual gamer friendly, and there’s no control setting from those types of gamers either. I started getting good with the controls, but it really took at long time to get to that point. The circle (or B button) is used for a parry attack. Time it right when a persons striking, and you can reverse about anything. The problem is the icon prompting you to hit it is inaccurate. Cmack and i played a few times in versus. The brother was getting frustrated with its broken parry system and fighters are all he plays. Another control problem I had, was the movement/block configuration. Moving the stick up or down, acts as a high and low block, while back and forward are your movements. I think Kung Fu factory tried a little to hard to separate this MMA game from the rest of the pack control wise. I will say its very satisfying throwing strikes and landing combinations.

Whether your on the ground or not, striking has been handled very well. The whole “No Rules” thing adds to that fact. Folks, were talking about Headbutts, Groin shots, and enough blows to the back of the head to give Dana White a migraine. The bruising is realistic and nasty looking too. You can break legs, arms, and completely choke someone out before they can tap. The submission system is straightforward. Initiate the attempt, flick the right stick back and forth as fast as you can. Your bar has to fill before the other players to do damage. If the other person fills their bar quicker, they will earn a reversal.

The story modes are quick for each person. Before and after each fight, you see motion comic style cut scenes that set up each fight. It’s cool to learn about some of the fighters backgrounds, such as the dark childhood of Jens Pulver. I have to say though, the cut scenes all have the same dry color palate, and could have been more well drawn. Fighting through story will help level up your character. The result of leveling is simply just receiving costumes. They did put some thought into the threads, but this just isn’t enough. The music isn’t the best either. Just a crapilation of generic guitar music. Not one single track stands out.

Femme Fatales is a story mode for the lady fighters. All two of them. Yeah, only two. Each lady has a story mode, but you literally fight two times for each, and its over. Very weak sauce if you ask me. They should have skipped on females this go around if the division was going to be this skimpy.

The Tournament and survival modes are solid for Fans of JCVD. The stage you fight in (minus the mat) mirrors the Facility from the movie Bloodsport. Homage was definitely paid on that one. This should have been a downloadable title, because it does feel like a budget game. Would have helped the score a little too. As of this moment though, I can only recommend this to the most extreme fighting game diehards. They will be able to squeeze some juice out of this. I did. For the rest, you should wait till UFC Undisputed 3 arrives next year.

Supremacy MMA gets MF MF MF out of five

What’s Legit?

+The stages you fight in are very diverse and well crafted.

+The hard-hitting violence saves it from a lower score.

+Better when its cheaper. Wait for it.

What’s Perpetrating?

-Some gameplay mechanics are hit and miss.

-No true reward for progression.

-$49.99 is still too much.

One thought on “Supremacy MMA Review

  1. i watched you guys play it it looked sweet…. but honestly after cranking some time with the demo this game is not worth the disk its lazered on


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