Bruce Lee: Dragon Warrior Review

Real Talk By: J.Valdez

Bruce Lee is known for many things, writer, actor, philosopher, overall cultural icon for his films and master of martial arts. Being such a big icon, it’s surprising he hasn’t had many games made about him. When I first started this game I kind of realized why.

The first time playing this game, I didn’t think much of it. The game looks good, tech is impressive, and the gameplay isn’t that bad. What I was confused about is “who the hell are all these people”. The only character you’ll know is Bruce Lee. None of the people he fights are from any of his movies. Which was disappointing to me because I would’ve loved to fight Chuck Norris. As I progressed through the game I realized, this is just something new, making a game using the people he’s already fought is pointless, and I don’t like movie tie-ins anyway.
After realizing this I looked at the story in a new perspective and enjoyed it. Cheesy as it can be sometimes it was nice to see it from the “fresh” perspective.
Fighting in this game is pretty simple. You have a virtual D-pad and 2 buttons. One to punch and one for kicking. It may not seem like much to some but with these basic buttons you can pull off some interesting combos, especially when you start adding different styles to your fighting later on. I don’t like the D-pad too much, since its circular the buttons for left, right, up, down, are a little bigger than normal.

Just like in real life, Bruce Lee didn’t stick to just one form of martial arts. He started under the guidance of Ip Man learning Wing Chun, then kept adding different styles to eventually make his own. One of the quotes in the loading screens got me thinking. It says “be like water”. Reading that the first time, I wasn’t using my brain so I didn’t really take it in right. I thought “how the hell is being wet and slippery going to help in a fight”. After getting some much needed sleep I realized what it meant. Water can be an unstoppable force, it adapts to changes and keeps going. As you progress in the game you can unlock moves from different styles of fighting to add to yours, helping you change your strategy when your opponents start to learn them, which was really helpful to me since I tend to stick to one strategy alone.
Graphics aren’t amazing but they are decent enough to not hurt your eyes while playing. There is some very cool tech in the animations they have while fighting or in the characters faces. The levels are colorful and well designed, and the cutscenes in the story are kind of like a motion comic which I thought was pretty cool.
The sound reminds me of a Kung Fu movie with the punches that kind of sound like whips. Pretty accurate too, punches make sounds when they land instead of seconds later, so that’s good. The only thing that I found off was the announcers voice. It seemed out of place.
Overall I think it’s a pretty good fighting game to add to your collection. It has an ok story, even if some of the fighting is repetitive. At .99 cents, it’s a steal, and it’s available in the app store with a lite version if you want to try before buying.
Bruce Lee: Dragon Warrior Gets
4 out 5
What’s legit?
+Story is enjoyable when you look at it from a new and fresh perspective
+Style editor and facial animation are like nothing I’ve seen
Whats perpetrating?
-No multitasking, I use that a lot, found it to be an inconvenience that the app would restart if I left.
-It doesn’t have Chuck Norris

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