Mo Chocolate’s Three Worst Controllers of All Time

Real Talk By: Mo Chocolate

One of the accessories in the gaming industry that is not talked about enough or I feel is not being talked at all about, is one of the most important parts to any video game console. The Controller. It’s what’s allows the gamer and the game to bond together as one. It’s the link between both of them. For some reason the controller is not talked about much by gamers or industry professionals. When it is discussed about, it’s usually how much everyone hates it.

It was not until the WII U came out that the controller was most of the focus. Even with that gamers seemed uninterested, wanting to hear more about the console itself rather than what controller it would be sporting. I believe this is the way it is because we as gamers forget how important a controller is. If someone broke into your house and stole only your video game controllers you would be pissed! Unless you find $50 lying around or have a friend let u borrow theirs you can’t play your games at all. It’s then that you see just how important it is

Since the beginning of video games there has been many controllers, some big some small and some just plan and simple, there has been the occasional weird ones. Today I will be choosing the top three worst video game controllers. I had experience with all these controllers so I know what I’m talking about. This is not an official list it’s just my opinion.

3. The Nintendo 64 controller

I remember how excited me and my brother were when our parents got this for us. It’s a miracle that we even passed our classes because we were gaming so much. Every big name game on it, we’ve played. Recently after almost ten years I got to hold the controller again and its crazy how I still remember how to hold it. That is one of my problems with it. At first glance one would wonder how the hell you hold it. I believe it’s the only controller that has the letter “M” design. We both did have trouble at first but eventually we got over it. My biggest problem with it is the D pad. Out of all the games we own and played we never ONCE used the D pad. In fact a lot of developers chose to ignore it. There has been a few games that use it but the popular games never bothered with it. I think they were going for a more original look while still sticking to their old school button layout. If you look at the original SN controller and the 64 controller the button layout is somewhat similar. Regardless the N64 was still a big hit and to this day is one of my favorite Nintendo consoles.

#2. The original Xbox controller. The fatty controller.

I am sure every Xbox owner is rolling their eyes or giggling when you mention this controller. I remember when I got to first hold it and at first I did like it cause it to me felt like I could feel the power of the console by how heavy it was. Then I started playing the games. I rest my case. It was beyond difficult. Even though I have small hands, other gamers with Hercules hands even had a hard time with it. You could seriously bash a person skull in and kill them with this controller. That’s how heavy and strong it is. The only positive thing that came out of this controller was that is hold the book of world records for “biggest controller”.  Game magazines and popular game based websites like IGN mocked it and always put it on their worst controller list. Now I am not saying every person did not like this controller. I remember when I was in high school and I met almost a full class worth of students that enjoyed it. Stating that it was a way of giving their hand and fingers a work out, (insert dirty joke here) in my opinion I think Microsoft was going for that bulky, powerful controller feel and look. I feel as though they felt since they are the only popular American video game console that it has to be big and heavy and strong. I could be wrong but im just saying.

#1. The Sega Dreamcast controller.

Ok now here is where I get serious. All the controllers up 2 this point were ok and I could deal with them. However this disgrace of a controller has no excuse. I personally think this is the worst controller ever made in the history of controllers. Here is why. Right off the bat this is the most awkward thing to hold, when I first held it I did not understand why it was caved in on the sides but the middle was one big mass of plastic. For its time it was bigger then most controllers. Me and my brother had a very hard time with any games with the controller cause of how wide it was. The biggest reason is the fact that the cord comes out of the BOTTOM of the controller. This makes no sense at all. Sega has been making games for years; do they not know how unflattering having it come out of the bottom is? You can’t sit on your couch if it’s too far away because you would have to hold the controller at an angle because of the stupid e cord. Me and my brother always had to move the couches closer to the console if we were going to play for long periods of time. If the cord came out on top then it would not be so bad. Seriously Sega what the hell were you thinking!

In conclusion my personal favorite controller is the PS3 controller. Simply because it’s a bit comfortable for me then the 360 controller, Once again because of my small girly hands. In fact I really think they should come out with a XL version of the controller because most Americans have jumbo size hands. COUGH Kj COUGH! I do admit that the 360 controller is better however I prefer the PS3 controller. I also want to mention how weird it is to see a weird controller every now and then. Thanks to the Nintendo game cube for introducing wireless controllers because after it did it set the standards for future controllers. Now going back to the list. Keep in mind this is just my opinion. If you enjoy these controllers from this list that that’s fine. All in all they do what they are meant to do. Play video games.

4 thoughts on “Mo Chocolate’s Three Worst Controllers of All Time

  1. I agree with Mo that the Ps3 controller is one of the best controllers of all time…. They do need a jumbo sized one for my giant bear claws ! But on the subject of Dreamcast , Dreamcast was so ahead of its time i think they tried too much and were sent to the trash way too fast…. more could have been done but on the aspect of the controller it was fun even for when the time it came out…. If they rolled it out tomorrow with the creation of ps3 and xbox 360 that controller is lame sauce ……


  2. One of the best innovations in controllers in my opinion happened when Microsoft moved the left analog stick. This allowed you to use the left stick and D-PAD more naturally with better accuracy. Microsoft actually spent a lot of money in testing to figure this out. If you go to there website I’m sure they will tell you why. Also the triggers on the PS3 are too wimpy. I prefer the click feel of the 360 controller instead of the mush feel of the PS3.


  3. So, im suposed to believe him cuz his first controller was the paystation? Ha, try to play any fps for more than 5 hours straight with it, and well talk again.


    1. Agreed….trying to play an fps comfortably on a PS controller to me is the equivalent to drawing a straight line during an earthquake while listening to hip hop gamer ask you to spin his belt. Don’t know about this one MO, but i respect your opinion. The way the xbox controller handles is in my opinion is like a swimsuit model that’s a mute, nothing short of everything I’ve always wanted.


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