Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D Review

Real Talk By: KJ

Capcom takes the popular Mini game “The Mercenaries” from RE 4&5 and brings it to your 3DS. Is it a good conversion? Yes, Capcom has faithfully ported the look and feel from its console counterparts. Mission accomplished in that regard. Mercs has 8 playable characters. Chris Redfield, Hunk, Krauser, but no Leon for whatever reason. Each RE Vet has an unlock-able costume and you shoot through a handful of maps compiled from 4&5. Nothing really new here, its just a whole lot of 4&5 action going on. Collect clocks around the levels to keep the game going. Kill all the enemies. Kill everything. Quite simple indeed. It’s great that the game goes online though. Sadly no voice chat simply because Nintendo hasn’t offered it yet.

Heres a revolutionary feature for a RE, You can actually move while shooting this time. So the gameplay is there, but the features are not. the Revelations demo packed inside is a joke. You could literally fly through it within 3 minutes. That’s being generous. So I wouldn’t even consider it a feature. No extra content is proved either. This game is slowly being discounted in places, and that’s a great thing.

Resident evil 3D is a fun game, but there really is no meat on the bones at all. If the gameplay and graphics weren’t so outstanding for the system, you could have expected a lower score. If you play this in short bursts, its possible to get some genuine milege out of this one. Also if you can get it at 20 dollars or less, without hesitation jump right in. At Play Legit, we always look out for the people’s wallets. Keeping to that tradition, buy Mercs 3D, but only at wholesale. Plain and simple: Looks great plays great, but has no extra content whatsoever.

Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D gets MF MF MF out of five

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What’s Perpetrating?

-A pitiful amount of content

One thought on “Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D Review

  1. this is disappointing…i don’t thing RE games translate well to handhelds….RE is something that should be played in the dark with the lights out….that being said its a shame they didn’t put more extra content into the 3DS version


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