Max Payne 3 Dated for March 2012

What does 2012 have in store besides John Cusack surviving the end of the world? According to Rockstar games the long-awaited Max Payne 3. Let’s hope they nail this march date un-like the others they have projected.

The game was the feature of a previous game informer magazine and projected to be released on Dec 2009. The release date was then slated for an october then a december 2011 window. According to Rockstar the game has been in continual developement but they just wanted to give their other titles room to breath.

The game picks up where Max Payne 2 left off, and follows Payne as he works for a private security Brazilian industrialist, and Payne must fend off gangs targeting his client. What’s really surprising is that this is the first Max Payne title to feature multiplayer. It will feature a leveling system, clans and load-out options.

Given the level of quality Rockstar is known for I’m not too concerned that multiplayer was added, I’m just not expecting much from it. So far as the campaign, I can’t wait to bullet time some pain into enemy AI. Till then enjoy the 2 new screen shots.

Drop Knowledge

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