The Season Pass: Good or Bad?

Real Talk By: KJ

So companies are giving consumers somewhat of a break on DLC pricing with the season pass. Pay in advance, and you’ll get every piece of content the company provides for the title. It’s like a combo meal at McDonald’s without the grease. A lot of heavy hitting companies in the industry are already on board. WB, and EA just to name a few.

It’s really all about the right deal.  The newly announced Gears of War 3 season pass will run for 30 bucks, then add that to the 60 dollar disk game, you’re looking at 90 plus. That’s just assuming the player isn’t buying any of the special edition bundles (which should come packed with season passes anyways). Of course you could wait it out until these games go cheap then get the pass, but you’re not guaranteed the pass will last until that day arrives. It’s going to get complicated soon.

The More you know

My advice, before locking your self into a season pass, make sure you know exactly what content you’re getting. This letting people know later on garbage, just isn’t going to fly. We have bills! Lay out a game plan to the consumer so there’s no confusion. So far the studios have done a good job of that, so keep it up.

DLC isn’t going anywhere, but the season pass helps lighten the load. that of course depends on how strong your love is for a particular title. Remember, just because one game keeps releasing content, It doesn’t mean the other big games wont release. The wheels will keep turning. Don’t lock your self into a big content bundle, only to end up playing a different game, thus losing most of your investment. In this early stage of the pass, I don’t have any major grievances, but the buyer needs to make sure they know exactly what they’re paying for. Proceed with caution as the never-ending season of DLC kicks into high gear.

Verdict: Good..For now.

Drop Knowledge

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