Halo 4 Concept Art Glimpse

This morning’s Halo Fest pimp slapped us with a back hand of Halo news, including the announcement of Halo’s new trilogy’s name, and this tease but very first look at Halo 4 concept material.

Enjoy and leave your thoughts on the video.Sometime this week I will be breaking down all the juicy Intel that was dropped during Halofest that can help us get a better grasp as to which direction this classic franchise is headed in.For now at least we know it’s titled as “The Reclaimer” trilogy.For those of us familiar with the significance behind this title it’s enough to clue us into the depths of the universe that we are about to traverse whenever John wakes up.Till then feast your eyes on this amazing concept art.

HALO 4 Developed by 343 Industries


2 thoughts on “Halo 4 Concept Art Glimpse

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