Call of Juarez: The Cartel Review

Real Talk By: Vex

As an actual fan of the previous Call of Juarez games, it hurts my soul to write this review.
That being said, I’m putting as much effort into this review, as was put into this game. To start off, lets say the graphics should be upgraded rather than get worse on a sequel. Not to mention the menu and huds resembled DOS for pc’s in the mid 90’s. Multi-player could be described as trying to sit thru a Kathy Griffin stand up show,  painful and boring at the same time. This game is now on the list of kick in the balls category of games that should have never been made, right along with Brink. This game went from an awesome cowboys and indians shooter and turned into one of the worst ideas since the killer condom movie.

What’s legit?
+ That I rented this for 2 bucks at Redbox instead of dropping the full 60 for it.

What’s perpetrating?
– That Ubisoft put their seal on this.
– That human beings were subjected to making this game.
– This game killed the Call of Juarez games for me.

Call of Juarez Cartel gets MF out of five

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