Deadliest Warrior Legends Review

Real Talk By: KJ

The greatest warriors step into the arena. Brave fighters such as William Wallace, Shaka Zula, and Alexander the Great. That’s not the only change. New modes and special ways to punish your enemies are available. Just like the first game, Legends easily earns its M rating. Decapitating fools is more satisfying than ever, and the blood flow is even more juicy.

Executing a finishing move appears easier at first, but it can also be harder depending on your opponent. To initiate a finisher, the player will hit the mid and low attacks together, and grab the other fighter. Once the grapple has started, press the High, Mid, or Low attack button. High is the final execution, mid will smash the person’s arm, while low will break the warrior’s leg. If the other player predicts the right button command you were going for, the grapple will be completely cancelled out. Projectiles can now be aimed precisely. If you want to go for the head specifically, it’s now possible. Of course if the player is hit a few times, you’ll still die, so the realism is still present in the combat. The game may look simple from the outside, but those who purchase will know better.

345 informed us that DLC will arrive a lot quicker than last time, but as it stands, the current roster is great. Hannibal is my personal favorite, as he contains the right amount of speed and power in his attacks. Sun Tzu is vicious as well, with his unique weapons he wields. There’s more levels this time, and now you can push your enemies over the edge for a little ring-out action. The revamped Greek Amphitheater has a huge bottomless pit in the center of it. 300 anyone?

A lot is packed into the game for ten bucks. Zombie mode is unlocked instantly, as well as slice mode. In zombie, you could lose a head and still fight. Watch your limbs in slice mode disappear, as any direct hit will send them flying. The big new mode that debuts with legends is the one that you wont expect. I’m talking about Generals mode. In Generals, the game takes its inspiration from Risk. Your fighting for land and power in this mode.  Build your forces up, and attack. Eventually, its possible to own everything. This is a mode that works. The downside is that you can only play it locally. At least it is two player. This brings me to my only true complaint with the game.

The online runs smooth for the most part, but this day and age, fighting games have been including a vital feature. Whether it’s a downloadable title or a disk based game, your average fighter has a 4 to 8 man spectator and lobby mode. Sadly, Deadliest Warrior legends doesn’t offer it again. The only thing you can do is play one on one. I love that its possible to play Zombie and Slice online, but no Generals and lobbies online hurts the score.

Deadliest warrior legends is a true sequel that will deliver on content. With its brutal combat, hefty features and affordable price tag, this is a part-two that any fighting game fan casual or not can enjoy.

Deadliest Warrior Legends Gets


4 out of 5

What’s Legit?

+A lot of content for the price tag

+Satisfying combat

What’s perpetrating?

-Online features are lacking again


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