Duke Nukem Forever Review

Real Talk By: Emilio

Duke Nukem’s return has been a long time coming, and after 12 years of hopes being raised, shattered and revived, Nukem Fans rejoiced when the release date of Duke Nukem Forever had been announced. Duke Nukem tries to save the world from aliens who want to kidnap all the women, apparently for the second time. This First person shooter may have gotten a lot of bad reviews, but for me it wasn’t that bad.

The graphics in this game were nothing to gawk at, the environment looked slightly undeveloped, the fire looks like it was made for the older consoles, and it seemed like the developers focused more on the quality of the breasts in this game, I’m not complaining about that but, there should have been more detail after such a long wait. If you’re rendering something for 12 years then either the poly count is extremely high, or you’re rendering on a slow machine and need to invest in a new one. Sound quality isn’t something I normally pay attention to, but Duke’s snappy one liners get old. Also Duke has a primitive grunt in nearly every task he does, whether it’s an unrealistic jump while looking in the mirror, lifting weights, or getting knocked down.

Game play wasn’t bad, it was a standard first person shooter and it was good. Most people probably would have wanted more action, like the ability to dive while running, or slide after running and crouching, or maybe even a more complex button sequence to kill an enemy in an even cooler way, instead of button mashing the action button. Although it didn’t have any of those things, it was still a good FPS that you can kill time on.

Overall I liked the game, it lacked in graphics, and the story wasn’t mind bending, but it wasn’t meant to be, this game meant to bring nostalgia back to people who had been waiting a long time to see the old Duke back in action, and for those who never played the previous Duke Nukem games like myself, still found some joy in its immature humor and ability to kill aliens, also the constant references to other games was amusing and left me laughing each time.

Second Opinion By: J. Valdez

I didn’t play this game as much as my cousin did, so I won’t talk too much about it. One of the first things I did notice is the interactivity between Duke and the environment. It’s not many games where you can not only take a piss, but have it help your overall health/stamina. It’s not just pissing either, you can play with the toilet paper, admire your muscles in the mirror, or if you want to be a bit immature you can draw multiple penii attacking the big alien on the whiteboard, it doesn’t matter what you draw, the soldier will praise you, then admit he has no clue what your planning. It also doesn’t affect how you’ll be fighting the alien, you basically spam shoot it to hell while dodging its simple attacks.

That’s one point I wanted to talk about. There really is no strategy, the story is there to give you a reason to go around shooting down all the aliens that dare cross the mighty Duke’s path. It’s an overall OK shooter, the story is short even with the annoying filler puzzles. Multiplayer is as simple as can get. Duke’s puns and jokes get pretty old pretty quick, especially since I found his voice to be pretty annoying. His dialogue reminds me of when I first started cursing, I wanted to add curse words to almost every sentence I could, because you know, it sounded cool. He takes stabs at other games, calling armor stupid when they bring him some Spartan armor, and a few other stabs at other well-known games.

Overall my cousins score was 3MF out of 5, because it’s not a terrible game, just not very good either, as a rental its good, because its short and not really worth the price of a full game.

Duke Nukem Forever gets MF MF M out of five

What’s Legit?

+Easy shooter to pass the time

What’s Perpetrating?

-Dukes voice and jokes get annoying quick

-Inconstant graphics

-Lag online


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